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Kino Eyes students part of an Entrepreneurship project

The FilmEU partners and the Aalto University/Aaltoes were together for the first C-ACCELERATE Conference in Tallinn (Estonia). C-ACCELERATE bring together researchers and students from the five partners and aims to increase the innovation and entrepreneurship capacity of higher education institutions in creative fields. Kino Eyes students presented their projects to teachers, researchers and specialists in the field of creative industries. The feedback and discussion around entrepreneurship studies in screen media was an important starting point for the second phase of the C-ACCELERATE project.

A public FilmEU panel discussion “How to empower film talents?” was streamed on the FilmEU Youtube channel. FilmEU representatives Manuel José Damásio, Barry Dignam, Marc Van De Walle and Elen Lotman, and a MA student Katniss Tung Cheng will reflect on their current talent support practices and policies and envision the directions to move toward. You can watch the session here

Dance film awarded in UK

The dance film HUNGER, a collaboration between KEM 6, KEM 5 and Viewfinder, won the best student film award at the EXETER Dance International Film Festival (UK). Hunger is a conceptualised story of a struggling writer who hungers for validation and meaning while battling his inner demons. The film explores motifs of Estonian folklore, as well as the link between movement, sound and a brave cinematic approach. The story is based on Knut Hamsun's novel "Sult" (1890) and combines the creative power of an international team of film-makers.

KEM 6 short in Brazil

Rua da Solidao, a first semester short film project from KEM 6, is part of Festival Internacional de Cinema Escolar de Alvorada. Directed by Lou Andréa Fiere, Produced by Nevena Semova and Written by Isabella Giordano. Congratulations.

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