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Facilities and Equipment

    • Film Studio (85m2)


      The University film studio is customised for film production. The film studio can be used for building sets for movies, short films and commercials. The ceiling of the studio is equipped with lighting fixtures and features a black background. Aside the studio there’s a dressing and make up room, and the building next to it features the equipment warehouse, the television studio and the motion capture studio. Together they for a whole complex for production. The studio can also be used for larger official receptions, seminars and training events. It includes a stand with 35 seats. The students access to the studio is managed by the online platform Reshape. (

      Television Studio (82,5m2)


      The Television studio can be used to make professional multi-camera recordings. Studio is equipped with four HD Sony PMW 350L HD cameras with the Sony HDC 1400U fibber optical camera channel and the Sony HDCU 1500U control panel. Cameras have Fujinon ZA 12x4.5 BERD and Fujinon HA 18x7.6 BERD-S lenses with zoom and focus servo-controls, Sony HDVF C730 LCD monitors, Vinten HD250 and Vinten Heavy Duty tripods. It also features the possibility of adding a fifth camera. Studio lighting is controlled by a Strand Lighting GSX console. The standard lighting kit consist in 8 Softlight 1Kw, 1 Softlight 2Kw, 9 Fresnel 2Kw, 4 Fresnel 2Kw, 2 Spotlight 650w, 3 Par 64, 2 Cyclorama 5Kw. Any lighting from the equipment warehouse can be added. It has black, grey and green backgrounds.


      In Control Room Snell & Wilcox Kahuna 1ME/20HD allows working in high definition (1080i/50) and standard television (576i/25). Avid Airspeed allows digital recording and playback in 10bit 4.2.2 Avid DNxHD standard format. For external recording there’s a Sony PDW 1500 recorder. Video monitoring uses a Evertz 3000 DCP Multiview with 4 Sony 42”and 8 21” monitors. Studio Intercom consists of a Trilogy Gemini system. Audio control uses a Evertz 500 ADA/AUD distributer, a Soundcraft Spirit FX16 mixer and Genelec speakers. The equipment warehouse has a large set o microphones available for usage in the studio. The television studio can also be used for larger official receptions, seminars and training events. It includes a stand with 40 seats. 

      Fernando Lopes Movie Theater (125 seats)


      A movie theater ready to sit 125 people. It can screen DCP and has 7.1 sound technology. We have a partnership with Leopardo Filmes for commercial screenings.

      Sound Studios

      Sound Studio 7.1.


      A new studio with the Avid S6 mixtable, 23 seats available classes. Students can do post-production of their films in this new brand studio.


      The University Film and Arts Department features two sound studios. They are designed for film and television production. As a complement to the studios there is an audio lab designed for classes.

      Sound Studio 5.1.

      This studio is designed for sound design in 5.1 Surround. It features 5 Genelec M040 speakers and a Genelec Subwoofer 7260 APM. The Apple MacPro workstation uses the Avid Protools HDX system with Avid Artist Control and Avid Artist Mix controllers. Hardware is an Avid HD I/O. The Waves Mercury Native Plug-in collection is also installed. The room has an Epson X21 video projector. The studio is plugged in two an Avid Isis Network system providing shared workspaces with the post-production centre.

      Sound Studio B

      This is a smaller studio, designed for recording and dubbing. It also allows for mixing in stereo. It’s equipped with an Apple MacPro workstation and with an Avid Protools HDX controlled by an Avid Artist Control and an Avid Artist Mix. Hardware is Avid HD I/O. The Waves Mercury Native Plug-in collection is also installed.

      Sound Lab

      This lab is designed for classes. It’s equipped with 13 PC workstations and features Avid Protools and Max software’s. The workstation is complemented by M-Audio interfaces and M-Audio Keyboards. It features a video projector Epson X11 and audio speakers. Editing and Post Centre. The editing and post centre has 7 editing and post rooms, a colour grading suite and a lab designed for classes. This centre features an Avid ISIS 7500 with 128TB network system to provide a networked work environment. All workstations are connected to the network system, the editing and post rooms, as well as the colour grading suite, features a 10GB connection, the Lab has a 1GB connection. Editing and Post Rooms. The editing and post rooms are equipped with an Apple MacPro workstation and audio speakers. The workstation is running Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Studio, Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve, Blackmagic Fusion, Discreet Smoke and Open DCP software’s.

      Colour Grading

      The colour grading suite features an Apple MacPro and a Blackmagic Mini Monitor connected to a Sony Oled Trimaster EL monitor. The software running is Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve. Editing and Post Lab. The post lab is divided into two separate rooms, each with 10 workstations. One of the rooms features Apple IMac and the other Apple MacPro. The space is designed for classes and features two video projectors Epson X21 and audio speakers. The list of software’s is Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Studio, Avid Protools, Blacmagic DaVinci Resolve and Open DCP.

    • Film Equipment

      • 2 Aaton XTR Super16 cameras
      • 2 Arri/Zeiss Prime lens sets
      • 2 sets with accessories

      Digital Equipment

      • 1 Arri Alexa LF;
      • 1 Arri Mini Alexa LF;
      • 2 Arri Alexa XT;
      • 2 Sony F5 c/AXS R5;
      • 1 Red One MX;
      • 3 Sony FS7;
      • 3 Sony FS5;
      • 3 Sony FX6;
      • 1 Sony Alfa 7 I;
      • 2 Sony Alfa 7s I;
      • 8 Sony Alfa 7s II;
      • 4 Sony Alfa 7s IV;
      • 1 Arri/Zeiss Prime PL lenses sets;
      • 1 Red Prime PL lenses sets;
      • 2 Sony CineAlta PL lenses sets;
      • 2 Zeiss Supreme Prime PL lenses sets;
      • 13 Samyang F sets;
      • 19 accessories set for cameras/lens;
      • 10 lens RF control sets;
      • 4 RF video transmission systems;
      • 12 LCD/OLED directors monitors.

      Lenses for Cameras

      • 1 Canon 150-600mm f:5.5 zoom lens
      • 1 Cooke Varotal 20-100mm T:3.1 zoom lens
      • 1 Kinoptic Tegea 5.7 mm f1/1.8 super wide angle lens
      • 1 Zeiss Vario Sonar 11-110mm T:2.2 zoom lens
      • 1 Cooke Varokineta 10.4-52mm T2.8 zoom lens
      • 2 Sony FE 4/PZ 18/105mm G;
      • 2 Sony FE 4/PZ 28/135mm.


      • 15 Sony PXW X 160 ;
      • 6 Sony NEX EA 50;
      • 10 Sony PDW 335F;
      • 10 Fujinon XS 17x5.5 BRM broadcast lenses;
      • 7 Sony PVM 9” field monitors.

      Handycam Cameras

      • 15 Sony PXW X 160 cameras
      • 6 Sony NEX EA 50 cameras
      • 6 JVC GY HM 600E cameras

      Sound and Recording

      • 2 Sound Devices 744T;
      • 1 Sound Devices 664;
      • 8 Sound Devices MixPre 3;
      • 11 Tascam DR 44WL;
      • 2 Zoom H4N;
      • 12 Zoom H6.

      Sound and Mixing

      • 2 Sony DMX P01 sound mixers


      • 2 Schoeps CMIT 5U;
      • 2 Schoeps cmc6 U Mk4;
      • 1 Schoeps cmc6 U Mk4 V;2 Schoeps cmc6 U Mk41;
      • 4 Sennheiser MHK 416 P48;
      • 1 Sony ECM 999R stereo;
      • 12 Beyerdynamic MCE 86II;
      • 10 Rode NTG1;
      • 2 Sony ECM 44;
      • 1 Sony ECM 66;
      • 8 Sony UWP wireless lavalier;
      • 3 Rode wireless lavalier;
      • 1 Audio Technica AT 2035;
      • 1 Behringer ECM 800;
      • 2 Rode NT2A;
      • 1 AKG D112;
      • 2 Shure SM57;
      • 1 Shure SM 58;
      • 2 Rode NT5 Matched Pair;
      • 1 AKG 414 Matched Pair.

      Sound accessories

      • 20 boom poles
      • 20 headsets
      • 22 wind protections
      • 2 IFB listening systems;
      • 3 Pop filters;
      • 16 shock mount.


      • 3 HMI Arri D12 1200W Fresnel;
      • 1 HMI Desisti 1200W Fresnel;
      • 2 HMI DeSisti 1200W Open face;
      • 3 HMI Arri D25 2500W Fresnel;
      • 1 HMI Filmgear 2500W Fresnel;
      • 4 HMI Arri D5 575W Fresnel;
      • 2 HMI Filmgear 575W Fresnel;
      • 1 HMI DeSisti 575W Fresnel;
      • 2 HMI K5600 Jokerbug 200;
      • 2 HMI K5600 Jokerbug 400;
      • 1 LED DMG Lumiére Maxi Switch;
      • 26 LED DMG Lumiére; Mini Switch;
      • 15 LED Strand LedHead;
      • 6 LED Fresnel Strand 200F Daylight;
      • 2 LED flexible NanGuang boards;
      • 2 LED Ikan boards;
      • 1 Dedolight DLHM4-300;
      • 3 Kinoflo Divalite 400;
      • 2 Kinoflo 120/4 bank;
      • 4 Par 64 1000W T;
      • 5 Par 56 300W T;
      • 4 Softlight 5Kw T;
      • 2 Softlight 2Kw T;
      • 3 Fresnel 2Kw T;
      • 3 Fresnel 1Kw T;
      • 1 Fresnel 5Kw T;
      • 6 Blondes 2Kw T;
      • 5 Fresnel 650W T;
      • 4 Fresnel 300W T;
      • 6 Redhat 800W T;
      • 6 Arrilite 1Kw T.

      Digital Photography

      • 16 APS Canon EOS 300D/400D/450D and 100D
      • 2 Full frame Canon EOS 5D Mk2/Mk3
      • 4 Full frame Canon EOS 6D Mk2;
      • 2 Grande formato Fujifilm GFX 50 IIs.

      Analog Photography

      • 1 Sinar P2 camera
      • 1 Medium format Zenza Bronica SQ1 6x6;
      • 1 Medium format Mamiya RB67 Professional S 6x7;
      • 3 Nikon F80;
      • 5 Canon EOS 300v;
      • 3 Canon EOS 300X;
      • 3 Canon EOS 1000F.

      Photography and Lightning

      • 1 Profoto B10 set;
      • 2 Profoto D2 set;
      • 1 Profoto A1 set;
      • 2 Godox DP 600III sets;
      • 1 Bowens Gemini 750Pro Tx/Rx set.
    • Film Studio


      BFM Film Studio (160 m2; 13.5x11.85x6.5 m) is customised specifically for film production. With a workshop, camera, sound and lighting equipment storerooms as well as make-up, dressing and group rooms, the film studio complex is able to offer a complete service. The film studio can be used for building sets for movies, short films and commercials. The room is also being used as a large TV studio (cabling for 8 cameras). The ceiling of the film studio is equipped with motorised lighting fixtures and there is also cabling for dimmers and DMX control. It is possible to use a black (360 degree), white and green background. The film studio’s lighting equipment, rails and the Panther Pick Up dolly are stored in a secure equipment storeroom. The film studio can also be used for larger official receptions, seminars and training events. It is also possible to use 130 folding chairs and movable tables.

      Television Studio


      Television studio (106.4 m2, 11.2x9.5x6.5 m) can be used to make professional multi-camera recordings.

      Studio is equipped with four 2/3-inch sensor high definition cameras (3x Panasonic AG-HPX600E and 1x Panasonic AJ-PX800GH) with the Volamp Camlinx II fiber optical camera channel and RCP-2050A Control Panel. Cameras have Fujinon ZA12X4.5BRD or ZA17X7.6BRD-S lenses with zoom and focus servo-controls, Swit S-1071HF monitors and Libec studio tripods.

      In addition to the studio functionality these cameras can also be used as ENG cameras with 2x 64GB Micro P2 card recording capability in professional 10bit 4:2:2 AVC-Intra 100 Mbps format.

      The number of cameras can be upgraded to total 8 using additional Panasonic AJ-PX270 HD-cameras.

      In addition three 2/3-inch sensor standard definition Philips LDK100 Triax based cameras (support from Finland’s public broadcasting company YLE) are used for basic training in studio.

      Studio lighting is controlled by Avolites Pearl Tiger console. There are 36 channels of 10A dimmers (3x SRS Light Design DDP1210B-8). Standard lighting consists of 40 fixtures: 18x pole operated Ianiro Solaris Fresnels (6x 2kW, 12x 1kW), 6x 2kW Altman Open Face Soft-Lite, 4x Balcar Quadlite 200, 4x Balcar Duolite 100, 2x 1kW Fresnels, 4x 500W Fresnels. For special needs additional lighting from school’s lighting storage can be added.

      The studio is equipped with motorized lighting trusses with cabling for dimmers and DMX control. There is a possibility to use black, white and green background curtains.

      In Control Room Ross Video Carbonite 2 16-input 2 M/E Live Production Switcher with XPression Prime graphics allow working in high definition (720p/50, 1080i/50, 3G 1080p/50), standard definition 576i/50 and has also the possibility to work with four 4K UHD sources. Newtek Tricaster Broadcast provides portable live streaming capabilities.

      HD-SDI signal routing is performed by 40x40 Blackmagic Design Compact Videohub with Master Control and Smart Control panels. Two BlackMagic Design Hyperdeck Studio Pro SSD recorders provide 10bit 4:2:2 recording and playback in industry standard formats Apple ProRes 422 HQ, Avid DNxHD, Uncompressed QuickTime. Recorders have support for 4K UHD and 6G-SDI. Thunderbolt connestion to iMac workstation provide fast access to the central media storage system.

      Video monitoring uses two Sony FWDS46H2 multiviewer screens and several 21,5-inch Swit S-1221HS monitors. Signal quality control is maintained using Blackmagic Design SmartScope Duo 4K and near Grade 1 quality 17-inch JVC DT-V17G15 monitor.

      Studio intercom system consists of Riedel Performer C44plus System and wireless Clearcom FreeSpeak system. Sound Control Room has Avid S3L System 16 Controller running the Venue software with AAX plugins. It can operate together with the Avid ProTools system providing 64-channel I/O over AVB protocol. Genelec 8030 monitors and 7050 subwoofer provide calibrated stereo monitoring. Various microphones are available for studio and location needs.

      Panther Pick Up dolly and rails are stored in a secure equipment storeroom and accessible for studio use. The television studio can also be used for larger official receptions, seminars and training events. It is possible to use 130 folding chairs and movable tables.

      Editing Rooms


      The Postproduction Centre has eight editing rooms with Apple MacPro and 27" iMac 5K Retina workstations running Final Cut Pro X, Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere Pro software. To guarantee standardised audio monitoring, the sound studios and editing rooms all use Genelec 8030 active speakers. All workstations are connected to a shared network.

      • Number of workstations: 8
      • All common formats used in the industry are supported
      • The editing rooms can be rented together with an editor
      • Output master file (Apple ProRes, Avid DNxHD), Blu-ray, DVD, DVCAM, Betacam SP, others
      • In co-operation with Estonian Digital Centre, located on the third floor, it is also possible to create 2D/3D DCPs (DVS Clipster), do Arri, Red, Si2k transcoding, and digitise 16/35 mm film (P+S Technik Steadyframe film scanner)

      Sound Studios


      The BFM study complex has two sound studios and two sound editing rooms that offer a complete solution, from multi-track recordings and audio editing up to Dolby Surround 7.1 mastering. The sound studio complex was designed taking into account film and TV production audio requirements as well as music production needs.

      The sound studios have a trunk cable connection with the film and TV studios on the first floor of the building and also with the Tallinn University ceremonial hall, which gives the option for catering to large scale recordings and live events. It is also possible to use the sound studios for practical workshops.

      The first sound studio (54 m2; 212.5 m3; 8.65x6.3x3.9 m) uses Dolby Surround 7.1 compliant monitoring equipment, THX certified Procella Audio monitors (primary monitors P815-FP, subwoofer P18, surround monitors P8), Lab.gruppen amplifiers (C28:4 and C20:8X) and a Biamp Nexia SP processor. The monitoring solution was developed by Anders Uggelberg from Procella Audio in Sweden. The final studio calibration was performed by Mark Kenna from Film Sound Consultant in England.

      The Apple MacPro workstation uses the Avid ProTools HDX system with Icon D-Command controller (a total of 40 faders and Surround Panner option) and Avid HD I/O 16x16, two Avid PREs and Avid SYNC HD. It is possible to interconnect with second sound studio equipment (total I/O 32x32 and 32 Avid PRE inputs). The Waves Mercury Native plug-in collection is also installed. The equipment room has a Sony VPLFH30 WUXGA (1920x1200 pixel) video projector.

      The second sound studio (19.5 m2; 50.7 m3; 3.9x5.0x2.6 m) and the two sound editing rooms use Avid ProTools HD Native Thunderbolt HD OMNI system with 5.1 Genelec (8030 and 7050) monitoring and Avid Artist Mix and Artist Control surfaces. Second studio has in addition Avid HD I/O 16x16 and two Avid PREs that can be shared with first sound studio.

      The studio uses the expansive Sound Ideas sound effects and background audio collection, and there is also the possibility to record Foley sound effects.

      • Number of rooms: 2 sound studios and 2 sound editing rooms
      • Dolby Surround 7.1 and 5.1 audio monitoring capability
      • Avid ProTools HDX and HD Native Thunderbolt workstations
      • Site recordings, audio editing
      • Complete stereo, 5.1 and 7.1 mastering service
      • Complete band, orchestra and choir recording and mastering service
      • Dubbing, dialogue recording and ADR, Foley background recording
      • Possible to rent the studio together with a sound designer
      • Professional stationary audio equipment, optional auxiliary equipment
      • The sound studio is suitable for organising practical workshops
      • Full-HD video projector Sony VPLFH30 (1920x1200 pixels)
      • Readiness for lectures and presentations (computer, Blu-ray player, VGA, HDMI, DVI inputs)

      Color Grading Rooms


      BFM students have also access to two state of the art colour grading rooms located on the third floor in the Estonian Digital Center premises. Digital Vision Nucoda and Blackmagic Design Davinci Resolve systems are used with grading panels and calibrated projection system.

      In co-operation with Estonian Digital Centre it is also possible to create 2D/3D DCPs (DVS Clipster), do Arri, Red transcoding, and digitise 16/35 mm film (P+S Technik Steadyframe film scanner)

      iMac Computer Lab


      The 16 seat computer lab uses 21.5” Apple iMac computers (2.7 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5, 8GB SDRAM). The classroom also has audio monitors, a video projector and a screen, which allows lecturers to present content from their screen to the whole class. All computers are connected to a SAN (Storage Area Network) network drive that enables simultaneous editing of material in the classroom and in the editing rooms and sound studios. Apple Remote Desktop allows remote management of all the computers in the classroom. The computer class meets Apple Authorised Training Centre Education requirements and is also used for various Apple training courses.

      • Number of seats 16, plus lecturer workstation
      • Video projector, screen and speakers
      • Installed software: Apple Final Cut Pro X, Final Cut Pro 7, Motion 5, Avid Media Composer, Adobe Creative Cloud, ProTools, DVD Studio Pro, DaVinci Resolve Lite
      • Remote management option for classroom computers using Apple Remote Desktop
      • Readiness for lectures and presentations (Blu-ray player, VGA, HDMI, DVI inputs)
      • Multi-camera recording and Internet live-streaming capability
      • Apple Authorised Training Centre
      • Ideal venue for Apple hardware and software training courses
      • Catering possibilities in the recreational area



      The 105 seat “SuperNova” cinema hall is equipped with the modern projection and sound equipment. The cinema hall uses Estonia’s first digital cinema projector with 4K resolution.

      The Sony SRX-R515 projector is the first in Estonia capable of projecting a 4K resolution image (4096x2160 pixels) onto the screen. The projector can play back 2K and 4K resolution movies from a DCI compliant DCP copy through the integrated SONY XCT-S10 server. The HDMI input of the projector also accepts images from an Apple iMac computer and Sony BDP-S790 Blu-ray player. The use of other formats (HDCAM, Digibeta, Betacam SP, DVCAM, MiniDV, etc.) must be agreed upon in advance.

      In addition to the 4K projector, the cinema hall also uses a Sony VPLFH35 WUXGA (1920x1200 pixel) video projector that can be used for lectures and presentations.

      The cinema hall uses THX certified Procella Audio monitors (P815-FP, P18, P8), Lab.gruppen amplifiers (C28:4, C20:8X), and Biamp Nexia SP and Dolby CP750 processors for Dolby Surround 7.1 surround sound.

      The cinema hall can also be used as auditorium and conference hall. It is possible to use radio microphones and other sound equipment. Events in the hall can be recorded with a multi-camera system and live-streamed over the internet.

      The “SuperNova” cinema hall is the venue for the student film festival “Sleepwalkers” and hosts, on a regular basis, movie premieres and meeting nights with authors. The cinema has also launched weekly cinema sessions that offer a top rate movie going experience.

      The acoustic design of the cinema hall was made by Akukon Oy. The final adjustments to the sound equipment were made by Anders Uggelberg from Procella Audio from Sweden. The Sony 4K digital projector was set up by Miterassa OÜ and Dietrich Dumke from the Sony Europe office. The cinema hall’s equipment was delivered and installed by OÜ Digital Emotions. The cinema hall was officially opened on 14 April 2013.

      • Number of seats 105
      • 4K digital cinema projector Sony SRX-R515 (4096x2160 pixels)
      • Full-HD video projector Sony VPLFH35 (1920x1200 pixels)
      • Dolby Surround 7.1 surround sound system
      • Readiness for lectures and presentations (iMac computer, Blu-ray player, VGA, HDMI, DVI inputs)
      • Radio microphones and professional sound equipment
      • Multi-camera recording and Internet live-streaming capability
      • Ideal venue for movie premieres, film festivals and conferences
      • Catering possibilities in the recreational area next to the cinema hall
    • 4K Cinema Cameras

      • 1 Arri AMIRA EF-mount Kit (with 4K UHD licence)
      • 1 Canon EOS C500 EF-mount camera with Oddysey 7Q 4K recorder
      • 1 Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q 4K recorder (4x512GB SSD)
      • 2 Blackmagic Design URSA Mini 4.6K EF-Mount

      DSLR Cameras

      • 1 Canon EOS 5d mkII camera
      • 1 Canon EOS 7D camera

      Panasonic P2 HD cameras

      • 3 Panasonic AG-HPX600
      • 1 Panasonic AJ-PX800
      • 1 Panasonic AG-HVX200
      • 4 Panasonic AJ-PX270

      HD Cameras

      • 9 Panasonic AG-AC160A
      • 1 Canon XL H1
      • 2 JVC GY-HD111E
      • 1 Sony HVR-Z1E
      • 3 Sony HDR-HC7

      DVCAM & MiniDV Cameras

      • 2 Canon XL1
      • 4 Canon XM2
      • 1 JVC KY-19ECH
      • 7 Panasonic AG-DVX100
      • 3 Panasonic NV-GS400
      • 2 Sony DSR-PD150P
      • 1 Sony DSR-PD170P
      • 1 Sony DSR-PDX10P

      16mm Cameras

      • 2 Arriflex 16 SR2 16mm camera with mattebox
      • 1 Arriflex 16 SR3 Adv Super16mm camera with mattebox
      • 3 Film changing bag

      BetacamSP Cameras

      • 1 Ikegami HL-43 2/3" Betacam SP camera


      • 1 O'Connor Ultimate 2560 Fluid Head 150mm with case
      • 1 Ronford-Baker Heavy Duty 150 bowl LONG Tripod (89-173 cm)
      • 1 Ronford-Baker Heavy Duty 150 bowl SHORT Tripod (25-85 cm)
      • 1 Sachtler Cine 30 HD Fluid Head 150mm with case
      • 1 Sachtler Cine 150 LONG Tripod (85-176 cm), spreader, case
      • 1 Sachtler Cine 150 MEDIUM Triood (20-88 cm), spreader, case
      • 1 HiHat 150mm bowl mounted PURE4C 40x40 cm
      • 4 Libec LS-55 tripod
      • 3 Libec LS-60 tripod
      • 1 Libec LS-85PD(S) pedestal system
      • 4 Libec LX10 Studio tripod set
      • 6 Libec LX7 tripod
      • 4 Manfrotto 055B, head 128RC, level controller
      • 1 Miller 826 DS5 tripod
      • 1 Mitchell Base & Tiedown
      • 3 Tripod Wheels/dolly DL3B
      • 1 Velbon DF-60 tripod
      • 7 Vinten Pro 10 tripod
      • 2 Vinten Pro-Touch PT-350/116 MK3 tripod
      • 3 Vinten Pro-Touch PT-525 tripod

      Matteboxes & Folow Focus

      • 2 Chrosziel Mattebox 456-R20 and Follow Focus
      • 1 Chrosziel Mattebox for JVC GY-HD101
      • 2 RedRock Micro DSLR Field Cinema Standard Bundle v2

      Canon Zoom Lenses

      • 1 Canon CN-E 30-105 T2.8 LS( EF)
      • 1 Canon CN-E15.5-47mm T2.8 LS (EF)

      Zeiss CP.2 Lenses

      • 1 Zeiss CP.2 Distagon 21/T2.9
      • 2 Zeiss CP.2 Distagon 28/T2.1
      • 2 Zeiss CP.2 Distagon 35/T2.1
      • 1 Zeiss CP.2 Makro-Planar 50/T2.1
      • 1 Zeiss CP.2 Planar 100/T2.1 CF
      • 1 Zeiss CP.2 Planar 50/T2.1
      • 2 Zeiss CP.2 Planar 85/T2.1

      Samyang VDSLR Lenses

      • 1 Samyang 12mm T3.1 VDSLR ED AS NCS FISH-EYE
      • 2 Samyang 14mm T3.1 VDSLR ED AS IF UMC II
      • 2 Samyang 24mm T1.5 VDSLR ED AS IF UMC II
      • 2 Samyang 35mm T1.5 VDSLR AS UMC II
      • 2 Samyang 50mm T1.5 VDSLR AS UMC
      • 2 Samyang 85mm T1.5 VDSLR AS IF UMC II
      • 2 Samyang 100mm T3.1 VDSLR ED UMC MACRO
      • 1 Samyang 135mm T2.2 VDSLR ED UMC

      Lenses and Converters

      • 2 Fujinon ZA12X4.5BRD 2/3" B4
      • 2 Fujinon ZA17X7.6BRD-S 2/3" B4
      • 1 .65x Wide Angle Converter for Sony PD150/170
      • 1 .70x Wide angle Converter for JVC GY-HD111E
      • 1 .80x Wide Angle Converter for Panasonic DVX100
      • 1 Canon Video Lens 3X XL 3.4-10.2mm 1:1.8

      Camera Filters (4x5.65)

      • 2 Tiffen Black Pro Mist 1/2
      • 2 Tiffen Black Pro Mist 1/4
      • 2 Tiffen Black Pro Mist 1/8
      • 2 Tiffen Circular Polariser WW
      • 3 Tiffen Clear
      • 1 Tiffen Double Fog 1
      • 1 Tiffen Double Fog 1/2
      • 1 Tiffen Double Fog 2
      • 2 Tiffen ND 0,3
      • 2 Tiffen ND 0,6
      • 1 Tiffen ND 0,6 Grad Soft
      • 2 Tiffen ND 0,9
      • 1 Tiffen ND 0,9 Grad Soft
      • 2 Tiffen ND 1,2
      • 1 Tiffen ND 1,2 Grad Soft
      • 1 Tiffen Smoque 1
      • 1 Tiffen Smoque 2
      • 2 Tiffen Ultra Polariser WW

      Camera Accessories

      • 3 Canon microphone adapter MA-300
      • 1 Laser Rangefinder DLE 50 pro
      • 2 Measuring tape (fiberglass 30M)
      • 8 Panasonic AJ-P2AD1G Micro P2 - P2 adapter
      • 4 Panasonic SHAN-RC700 for AJ-PX800/AG-HPX600
      • 1 PortaBrace RS-PD150 Rain Slicker
      • 4 Portabrace RS-PX270 for Panasonic AJ-PX270
      • 1 Raincoat DVX-100E14 for Panasonic DVX100
      • 16 Recording Media 64GB Panasonic Micro P2 memory card
      • 8 Recording Media 256GB Lexar Professional 3400x CFast
      • 4 Recording Media 512GB Convergent Design 2,5” SSD

      Hard Disk Recorders

      • 3 Focus Enhancements FireStore DR-HD100E-80 recorder
      • 1 Focus Enhancements FireStore FS-100 recorder
      • Portable Camera Lights
      • 3 Anton Bauer UL2-20 camera light
      • 1 Dynacore D-L-5000F camera light
      • 4 Genaray LED-5300 camera light
      • 1 Sony HVL-200W2 camera light
      • 4 SWIT S-2000 camera light

      Light Meters

      • 2 SEKONIC L-758 Cine Light Meter
      • 2 SEKONIC Studio Deluxe III L-398A Light Meter

      Clapboards and Test Charts

      • 6 Clapboard
      • 2 Test Chart

      Field Monitors

      • 1 Cine Arm NOGA
      • 2 Marshal Electronics V-LCD70XP HDMI 7-inch on camera monitor
      • 2 Panasonic BT-LH1700WE 17-inch Production Monitor
      • 1 Small HD 702 Bright Full HD Field Monitor

      Video Cables

      • 2 10m HDMI cable
      • 2 10m Monitor HDMI cable with 1:2 HDMI Splitter and Blackmagic Design

      Miniconverter HDMI to SDI

      • 4 50m BNC/BNC Video Cable on Reel
      • 6 BNC/BNC HD-SDI cable
      • 3 Cat5/Cat5 Cable on Reel (75-100m) Neutrik RJ45

      Sound Recorders and Mixers

      • 2 Edirol R4 Pro 4-channel Recorder
      • 3 Sound Devices 633 Compact Field Mixer Kit
      • 1 Sound Devices 688 12-Input Field Production Mixer with CL-6 Input Expander
      • 2 Sound Devices MM-1 Portable Mic Preamp with Headphone Monitor
      • 1 SQN-2S Portable Stereo Mixer
      • 1 SQN-3MS Portable 4-input Mono Mixer
      • 1 Tascam DA-P1 DAT Field Recorder
      • 5 Tascam HD-P2 TC 2-channel Recorder

      Boom Microphones

      • 1 Sennheiser ME-66 Boom Microphone Kit
      • 8 Sennheiser MKH416-P483U Boom Microphone Kit
      • 2 Sennheiser MKH-50-P48 Boom Microphone Kit

      Wireless and Lavalier Microphones

      • 2 DPA Adapter DAD6001 MicroDot-XLR (M)
      • 1 Lavalier Audio-Technica AT803B
      • 8 Lavalier DPA 4060
      • 2 Lectrosonics HH/E01+VMC Handheld Wireless Microphone
      • 2 Lectrosonics HM/E01 Plug-On Transmitter
      • 12 Lectrosonics SMDB/E01 Transmitter with DPA 4060 Lavalier Microphone
      • 8 Lectrosonics SRb5P 2-channel Receiver
      • 2 Sennheiser EW100 Wireless Microphone System
      • 9 Sennheiser EW-112-P-G2 Wireless Microphone System
      • 1 Sennheiser EW501-P Plug-In System with Audio-Technica AT803b Lavalier
      • 7 Windscreen for Wireless Mic

      Stereo Microphones

      • 1 AKG C414 XLII Stereo Microphone
      • 3 Beyerdynamic MCE 72 PV Stereo Mic
      • 1 Neumann KM184 Stereo Pair
      • 1 Rode NT4 Stereo Microphone

      Condenser Microphones

      • 1 Audio-Technica AT835b
      • 2 Neumann KM184
      • 4 Neumann TLM103 Studio Mic
      • 1 Neumann U-87 Studio Set

      Dynamic Microphones

      • 2 Reporter Mic Audio-Technica AT-804
      • 4 Reporter Mic Beyerdynamic M58
      • 1 Reporter Mic Sennheiser MD-42
      • 5 Electro-Voice N/D767A
      • 1 Sennheiser E 602 II
      • 5 Sennheiser MD421-II
      • 2 Shure Beta 87A
      • 2 Shure Beta 87C
      • 2 Shure SM57

      Presentation Microphones

      • 2 AMC Presentation Radio Microphone
      • 1 Elektro-Voice R300-E-B Headworn Wireless Mic

      Mic Stands

      • 23 *K&M Mic Stand (in Sound Studio)
      • 5 K&M Mic Stand
      • 2 K&M Mic Stand - HIGH
      • 4 K&M Mic Stand (in studio)
      • 2 K&M Mic Stand Arm
      • 2 K&M Mic Stand Arm - LONG


      • 5 Audio-Technica ATH-M30
      • 1 Beyerdynamic DT770
      • 6 Sennheiser HD201
      • 6 Sennheiser HD202
      • 1 Sennheiser HD265
      • 10 Sennheiser HD280
      • 2 Sennheiser HD433
      • 7 Sony MDR-7506
      • 1 Sony MDR-V250V

      Sound Cables

      • 10 XLR Cable 0,5-3m
      • 11 XLR Cable 5m
      • 5 XLR Cable 10m
      • 5 XLR Cable 20-30m
      • Battery Belts

      6 Battery belt

      • Walkie Talkies
      • 2 Cobra MT800 Walkie Talkies (4 units)
      • 1 Cobra MT975 Walkie Talkies (4 units)


      • 6 150W ARRI Junior Fresnel
      • 6 300W ARRI Junior Fresnel
      • 2 500W Minispot Fresnel (w/ dimmer)
      • 1 500W Minispot Fresnel (w/o dimmer)
      • 6 650W ARRI Junior Plus Fresnel
      • 5 1000W Solaris Fresnel
      • 6 2000W ARRI Junior Fresnel
      • 3 5000W ARRI Junior Fresnel
      • 2 ARRI kit (3x650W + 1x750W w/ softbox)
      • 1 Minispot Kit (3x500W, 2x w/ dimmer)
      • 3 Triple Aperture Cone for 500W Minispot

      Open Face

      • 1 300W Gulliver Open Face
      • 1 300W Lilliput Open Face (gaffer grip)
      • 1 300W Lilliput Open Face (standard)
      • 1 800W Varibeam Open Face
      • 12 2000W Blondy Open Face
      • 2 ARRILITE Kit (3x800W)
      • 3 Lilliput Kit (3x300W)


      • 4 1kW Ramp Light Giotto - DeSisti
      • 4 5000W DeSisti Softlight
      • 2 Spacelight Filmgear 6 x 800 W


      • 1 Dedolight S3ME Hustler Master Kit No.1
      • 1 Dedolight S3ME Hustler Master Kit No.2


      • 2 575W ARRI Daylight Compact
      • 2 1.2kW ARRI Daylight Compact
      • 2 1.2kW ARRISUN Par
      • 2 2.5kW/4kW ARRISUN 40/25
      • 1 6kW LTM Cinepar Par

      Joker Bug

      • 1 Joker Bug 400 kit
      • 1 Joker Bug 800 kit
      • 1 Soft Tube JB 400
      • 1 Soft Tube JB 800
      • 2 Speedring Buglite 800/1600


      • 1 1-bank 2ft KinoFlo (w/o bag)
      • 1 1-bank 4ft KinoFlo (w/o bag)
      • 1 2-bank 2ft KinoFlo (w/o bag)
      • 1 2-bank 4ft KinoFlo (w/o bag)
      • 2 4-bank 2ft KinoFlo
      • 1 4-bank 2ft KinoFlo (w/o bag)
      • 4 4-bank 4ft KinoFlo
      • 1 4-bank 4ft KinoFlo (w/o bag)


      • 1 Dynacore LED light 27x27cm in bag
      • 1 Dynacore LED light 30x30cm in case
      • 1 Dynacore LED light 39x28cm in case
      • 1 Rosco Pro Gaffer's LitePad Kit AX Daylight


      • 2 Chimera softbox for 5000W ARRI
      • 2 Dedoflex softbox
      • 2 Photoflex softbox for 2000W Blondy
      • 1 Softbox kit for 800W Varibeam
      • 1 Softbox kit for 300W Lilliput


      • 2 Butterfly Grid 4x4ft
      • 1 Snapgrid for 2ft KinoFlo
      • 1 Snapgrid for 4ft KinoFlo


      • 1 01 156B Manfrotto Light Tripod
      • 9 02 052B Manfrotto Light Tripod
      • 9 03 004B Manfrotto Light Tripod Black
      • 2 04 004MT Manfrotto Light Tripod Metal
      • 6 05 A410B Manfrotto Avenger High Alu Baby Stand
      • 4 06 A2022D Manfrotto Avenger C-Stand 22 Detachable
      • 4 07 A2025L Manfrotto Avenger C-Stand 25 Sliding Leg
      • 8 08 A2030D Manfrotto Avenger C-Stand 30 Detachable
      • 8 09 A2033LJCB Manfrotto Avenger C-Stand 33 Sliding Leg
      • 6 10 A225SB Manfrotto Avenger 40“ Detachable Century Stand Black
      • 7 11 A215B Manfrotto Avenger 40“ Sliding Leg Century Stand Black
      • 2 12 126BSU Manfrotto Avenger Heavy Duty Black Stand
      • 7 13 626BU Manfrotto Avenger Black Heavy Duty Stand
      • 4 14 Heavy Manfrotto for 1000W Solaris Light Tripod
      • 4 15 270BSU Manfrotto Avenger Super Stand Steel
      • 4 16 270U Manfrotto Avenger Super Steel Stand
      • 4 17 A300 Manfrotto High Overhead Roller Light Stand
      • 4 18 Super Wind Up Stand
      • 1 19 Manfrotto Light Tripod with wheels


      • 3 003M Mini Backlite Base - male attachment
      • 1 032 Autopole 210-370cm
      • 9 035 Super Clamp w/ stud
      • 7 035 Super Clamp w/o stud
      • 5 043 Manfrotto Sky Hook adjustable gaffer clamp
      • 1 076 Autopole 150-270cm
      • 1 077 Autopole 100-170cm
      • 9 137 Swiveling C-clamp
      • 5 143N Magic Arm
      • 1 155 Double Ball Joint Head
      • 22 C281 Stage Clamp w/ stud
      • 4 285 Stage Clamp
      • 5 C295 Stage Clamp
      • 17 C296 Stage Clamp
      • 33 D200 Grip Head
      • 4 D400 Jumbo Grip Head
      • 13 D500 Extension Arm
      • 10 D520 Extension Arm
      • 2 Ianiro gaffer clamp - non-adjustable
      • 2 Manfrotto Light Boom


      • 3 026 Lite-Tite Swivel Umbrella Adapter
      • 2 Umbrella (diffuser) 85 cm
      • 1 Umbrella (reflector) 85 cm


      • 1 75cm collapsible reflector - silver/white, gold/black
      • 4 105cm collapsible Tokar reflector - silver/black, gold/white
      • 5 120x90cm collapsible Manfrotto reflector - silver/white
      • 1 125cm collapsible Lastolite reflector - silver/silver-gold striped
      • 1 180x120cm collapsible Lastolite reflector - silver/white
      • 3 Foam reflector/bounce board 60x50cm - silver/white
      • 1 Foam reflector/bounce board 100x60cm - gold/white
      • 3 Foam reflector/bounce board 100x60cm - silver/white
      • 10 Foam reflector/bounce board 120x100cm - silver/white
      • 1 Lastolite reflector holder


      • 2 I650D Double Scrim 45x60cm (RED FRAME)
      • 2 I650K Silk Scrim 45x60cm (YELLOW FRAME)
      • 1 I650K4 ¼ Stop Silk Scrim 45x60cm (BLUE FRAME)
      • 1 I650S Single Scrim 45x60cm (GREEN FRAME)
      • 1 I650SW Single Scrim 45x60cm (WHITE FRAME)
      • 2 I750D Double Scrim 60x90cm (RED FRAME)
      • 2 I750K Silk Scrim 60x90cm (YELLOW FRAME)
      • 1 I750K4 ¼ Stop Silk Scrim 60x90cm (BLUE FRAME)
      • 1 I750S Single Scrim 60x90cm (GREEN FRAME)
      • 1 I750SW Single Scrim 60x90cm (WHITE FRAME)


      • 4 I1011 Mini Meat Axe Flag 60x120cm
      • 2 I1020 Cutter 25x106cm
      • 2 I1023 Cutter 102x102cm
      • 2 I1024 Cutter 120x120cm
      • 1 I650B Solid Black Flag 45x60cm


      • 18 Metal frame 120x120/100x120cm
      • 10 Metal frame 50x60cm


      • 1 12x12ft Butterfly frame
      • 1 8x8ft Butterfly frame
      • 1 12x12ft 1/2 Sail Grid
      • 1 12x12ft 1/4 Sail Grid
      • 1 12x12ft Black Double Net
      • 1 12x12ft Full Grid
      • 1 12x12ft Silver/White
      • 1 8x8ft I915CK China Silk
      • 1 8x8ft I915CKG Chromakey Green
      • 1 8x8ft I915K Silk Artificial
      • 1 8x8ft I915K-4 Silk ¼ Stop
      • 1 8x8ft I915SW Silver/White


      • 1 Black backdrop
      • 1 Blue backdrop

      Hazer, Smoke Machine

      • 1 Hazer Unique2
      • 1 Smoke Machine VDP1500SM


      • 8 Applebox
      • 1 Fan 50W 40cm
      • 50 Sandbag

      Power Distribution

      • 2 Dimmer 1-ch 16A 1-ph 800W
      • 1 Dimmer 6-ch 32A 3-ph 2000W/ch
      • 1 HQ 12V DC to 230V AC Power Inventer 300W
      • 1 HQ 12V DC to 230V AC Power Inventer 600W
      • 1 Power Distribution Box 16A 3-ph
      • 3 Power Distribution Box 32A 3-ph
      • 2 Power Splitter 16A 3-ph to 3x 1-ph
      • 2 Power Splitter 32A 3-ph to 3x 32A 1-ph

      Power Cables

      • 1 5m extension cable 16A 1-ph
      • 30 10m extension cable 16A 1-ph
      • 7 20m extension cable 16A 1-ph
      • 6 20m extension cable 32A 1-ph (blue)
      • 8 20m extension cable 32A 3-ph (red)
      • 2 Adapter cable 16A 3-ph to 32A 3-ph
      • 1 Adapter cable 32A 3-ph to 3x 16A 1-ph
      • 1 Adapter cable 63A 3-ph to 32A 3-ph
      • 2 Cable drum 10A 1-ph 40m
      • 6 Cable drum 16A 1-ph 25m
      • 1 Cable drum 16A 3-ph 25m
      • 1 Cable drum 16A 3-ph 40m
      • 2 E27 bulb socket w/ cable and plug
      • 5 Household extension cable

      Measurement and Safety Tools

      • 1 DC Power Supply PS1503SB
      • 1 DCM266L Clamp Meter
      • 1 Kewstic One KEWTECH

      Dollies, Jibarm, Tracks

      • 1 Panther Lightweight Jib Kit
      • 1 Panther Pick Up Dolly Kit
      • 1 Panther Roller Plate Dolly Kit
      • 1 Precision Steel Tracks 1+1 meters
      • 3 Precision Steel Tracks 2+2 meters
      • 2 Precision Steel tracks 45° half circle


      • 2 Level scale
      • 31 Paganini
      • 11 Tensioner
      • 100 Wedge

      TV Studio Equipment

      • 8 Beyerdynamic DT280 Single Ear Headsets
      • 2 Blackmagic Design HyperDeck Studio Pro 2 Recorder
      • 3 Blackmagic Design Mini Coverter - HDMI to SDI 4K
      • 4 Blackmagic Design Mini Coverter - SDI Distribution
      • 4 Blackmagic Design Mini Coverter - SDI to HDMI
      • 1 Blackmagic Design Mini Coverter - SDI to HDMI 4K
      • 1 Clearcom FreeSpeak BaseStation
      • 5 Clearcom FreeSpeak Wireless beltpack
      • 3 Fibre - 100m Canare SMPTE 311M hybrid fibre optical cable on reel
      • 3 Fibre - 25m Canare SMPTE 311M hybrid fibre optical cable
      • 3 Fibre - Volamp Camlinx II fibre optical camera adapter with RCP-2050A
      • 4 Fujinon SS-13A Analog full servo kit zoom & focus
      • 1 Monitor - JVC DT-V17G15 17-inch studio reference monitor
      • 3 Monitor - SONY KDL-40R474A 40-inch LED television monitor
      • 4 Monitor - Swit S-1071H HD-SDI 7-inch on camera monitor
      • 5 Monitor -Swit S-1221HS 21,5-inch production monitor
      • 1 Ross Video Carbonite 2 M/E 16 Input Videomixer
      • 1 Ross Video XPression Prime Graphics Workstation
      • 1 Teleprompter Autocue OCU-SSP17
      • 1 Transvideo TitanHD Digital HD/SD Wireless Transmission System

      TV Studio Lighting

      • 12 1000W Ianiro 1800 Pole Operated Solaris Fresnel
      • 6 2000W Ianiro 1850 Pole Operated Solaris Fresnel
      • 4 500W Theatrical Fresnel
      • 2 1000W Theatrical Fresnel
      • 6 2000W Altman Open Face Soft-Lite
      • 4 BALCAR 70118/T DUOLITE 100 (0/10V control))
      • 4 BALCAR 70128/T QUADLITE 200 (0/10V control)
      • 1 Lighting Console Avolites Pearl Tiger

      Stage Platforms

      • 4 Stage platform 1x2m
      • 16 Stage platform leg 20 cm
      • 16 Stage platform leg 60 cm

      Laptops for Location Work

      • 1 Lenovo ThinkPad T430
      • 3 MacBook Pro 15-inch Core i5 2.4 GHz/4GB with Final Cut Pro
      • 1 MacBook Pro Retina 13-inch Core i7 2,8 GHz/16GB with Final Cut Pro
      • 1 MacBook Pro Retina 13-inch Core i7 3,1 GHz/16GB with Final Cut Pro
      • Projectors
      • 1 Sanyo PLC-XT20
      • 1 Sanyo PLC-XT21
      • 3 Sanyo PLC-XU73


      • 1 DA-LITE Versatol Tripod Projector Screen (145x145 cm)


      • 1 Wireless presenter LINDY
      • 1 Wireless Presenter TRENDNET TU-P1W
    • napier

      As well as housing the Film Academy Administration Office and Technical stores, the Production Centre based in Merchiston Avenue provides full Production and Post-Production facilities and accommodates the busy schedules of both our post-graduate and undergraduate students. A range of short courses, public screenings and Continuing Professional Development workshops and events also take place at the Production Centre making it a busy hub catering for industry professionals and the film going public as well as student filmmakers across both institutions.

      Post Production Facilities at Edinburgh Napier University

      • 2x Projection/Screening Rooms which can cater for 60 and 40 people respectively.

      These spaces are also used for workshops and are full fitted out with facilities for the projection of DVD, Mini DV, VHS, and streaming from the internet through PC. There are also links in both studios to the Machine Room with an HD converter Box for HD projection.

      • Avid Teaching Studio with 6 Avid Media Composer suites, (Mac ver 8) In this room there is also viewing facilities for HDCAM, DigiBeta, Beta SP, HDV, Mini DV, DVD from the Machine Room.
      • 5 x individual Avid Media Composer suites (Mac ver 8), in self-contained rooms.
      • Avid Edit Room with 5 Avid Media Composer suites (Mac ver. 8)
      • An Avid Online Nitris DX Suite (Media Composer Mac ver. 8 with Symphony Option) directly linked into the Machine Room with an HD Broadcast Monitor.


      Audio Post-Production Facilities

      4x Pro Tools Suites

      Used for sound editing, these suites are equipped with Pro Tools HD10 software, Digidesign MBox 2 Interface, industry standard speakers, broadcast monitor and access to a range of plug-ins.

      Dubbing Suite

      Used for the final sound mix, this suite is equipped with Pro Tools HD10 software, Digidesign 96 I/O Interface, Digidesign Sync I/O, Digidesign Control 24 mixing console, 5.1 surround sound monitoring, Focusrite pre-amplifiers and a wide array of plug-ins (including Audio Ease Altiverb; Avid TL Space; Izotope RX, Insight and Alloy; as well as a range of others).

      Voiceover Booth

      Comprising of a Neumann TLM103 microphone (although other microphones are available upon request), headphone amplifier and monitor, this fully soundproofed room allows the recording of voiceover, ADR or narration to picture. Linked directly to our Machine Room, the Voiceover Booth can be patched to any Pro Tools suite and the performance recorded directly into Pro Tools software ready for editing.

      Foley Booth

      Similarly, comprising of an AKG C414B microphone (although other microphones are available upon request), headphone amplifier and monitor, this fully soundproofed room allows the recording of any effects (e.g. footsteps, clothing or other spot effects) that need to be added to a film’s soundtrack. Linked directly to our Machine Room, the Foley Booth can be patched to any Pro Tools suite and the performance recorded directly into Pro Tools software ready for editing.

      Sound Effects Library

      For the sourcing of sound effects difficult to recreate, or for a quicker workflow, we have a comprehensive, centralised sound library offering a wide variety of sound effects and atmospheres that can be added to any Pro Tools session.

      Camera Equipment

      Up to date camera equipment and lighting available from digital SLR cameras to 16mm:

      • Arri Alexa – Film industry standard camera, capable of delivering up to 4K images producing a film-like organic look directly onto SxS XDCAM cards.
      • Blackmagic Cinema Cameras – A simple strong design that can shoot high quality images in RAW or Prores format, available with a selection of lenses and adaptors to fit a variety of different lenses.
      • Canon 5D – High standard digital 12.8 Megapixel SLR camera.
      • Arri Super 16mm – We have a super16mm Arri SR2 camera ready to produce films the classic way.
      • Sony PMW-EX3 – The perfect camera for intermediary filmmakers, with the full features of a broadcast standard camera.
      • Canon XF105 – The camera of choice for the beginner filmmaker shooting at a bitrate of 5ombps with a 4:2:2 Full HD codec.
      • Lighting – We have an extensive range of Kino flos, Powerful HMI Fresnel lamps (1.2k & 2.5k), Various Fresnels lamps (300w, 650w, 1k, 2k) and a selection of LED lights.
      • We also have a wide selection of HD monitors ready for use

      Screening Room

      The Screening Room provides a vital teaching, learning and research facility. It provides a valuable venue for our students to experience the art and technology of cinema, as it was meant to be experienced and also gives us the opportunity to see and share our own work on the big screen in a professional cinema environment.

      • 50 seats
      • Screen – 1.32mhigh x 2.34m wide
      • Aspect Ratios - 4:3, 16:9, 1:1.85, 1:2.35
      • Projector – Panasonic PT-FW430EA
      • Audio – DAS ps-200 amp

      TV Studio

      The TV Studio is a versatile blank space, for that reason it houses the majority of our practical teaching. It also provides a facility that is used by students to build small-scale sets or as an equipment prep area.

      • Floor Space (10m x 4.5m) equipped with 4m wide blue screen, 15x lamp tungsten lighting rig with dimmer control, complete black out.

      Post Production Studio

      The Post-Production studio is a dedicated offline editing and delivery output facility that fosters a cross-year, peer to peer learning environment.

      • 5x Mac Pro, Dual 20inch Screen Stations
      • Final Cut Pro
      • Compressor
      • DVD Studio
      • Logic Pro

      Post Production Suites

      There are 4 self contained Post Production Suites provide rooms for tutorials and discussion of individual projects. They also provide an environment for students to work on their films independently and yet with on hand teaching, technical and peer support.

      • Mac Pro, Dual 24inch Screen Stations
      • 42inch LED Client monitor
      • Monitor Speakers
      • Avid Media Composer
      • Pro Tools
      • RED Cine-X
      • Da Vinci Lite

      Grading Suite

      We have a Da Vinci Resolve mastering and grading suite capable of grading HD, 2k and 4k material in real time. We support EDL, AAF and XML workflows on projects. On site technicians support students on best practices for onlining and prepping the grade and master.

      When not being used for grading this suite can also be used as a 5th Post Production Suite as described above.

      • Mac Pro, Dual 24inch Screen Stations
      • 42inch LED Client monitor
      • Monitor Speakers
      • Da Vinci Resolve
      • 27inch grade monitor
      • Black Magic Duo Scopes
      • Easy DCP
      • Avid Media Composer
      • Pro Tools
      • RED Cine-X
      • Da Vinci Lite
    • Location Equipment

      We aim to provide a wide variety of location equipment in order to cater for the wide gamut of the undergraduate and postgraduate students’ projects and skills abilities. This ranges from traditional Drama methodological approaches to self-shooting documentaries and technologically unbiased experimental projects.

      Digital Cinema Package

      • RED Scarlet, IO Module, 5inch Touch Screen, OLED Viewfinder
      • 4x RED Brick and 2x RED volt
      • Arri Ultra Prime Set (16, 24, 32, 50, 58mm)
      • Ronford Baker Tall and Baby Legs
      • Ronford Baker 2004 Fluid Head
      • Arri MB-20 II Matte Box and filter set
      • Arri FF4 Follow Focus
      • Arri BP-8 19mm Support system
      • TV Logic 7” Video Assist
      • Arri 15mm lightweight Hand held Kit
      • Camera Assistant Kit (Directors Viewfinder, Tape measure, tape, markers…)

      Film Camera

      • Arri SR2 (bayonet mount)
      • Carl Zeiss Prime Lens Set (9.5, 12, 25mm)
      • Angenieux Zoom Lens 10-150mm
      • Matte Box and filter set
      • 3x Magazines
      • Variable speed unit
      • Phase shifter
      • Vinten Pro Touch Tripod

      Panasonic Video Cameras

      • Panasonic HPX2700G Varicam
      • Canon J17EX7.7B Lens
      • UV Filter
      • 1x 64Gb 3x 32Gb P2 Card and card reader
      • Scahtler Video 18s1 Fluid Head
      • Scahtler carbon fiber tripod legs

      Panasonic HVX200

      • UV Filter
      • 1x 64Gb 3x 32Gb P2 Card and card reader
      • Manfrotto MVK502AM Tripod Head Kit

      Sony Video Cameras

      • Sony HVR-Z7E
      • Memory Recording Unit
      • 3x Sony NP-F970 and charger
      • UV Filter
      • Vinten Tripod Head Kit

      Sony HVR-Z1E

      • Sony VCL-HG0872 Wide Angle Lens
      • 3x Sony NP-F970 and charger
      • UV Filter
      • Manfrotto Tripod Head Kit

      Sony HVR-V1E

      • Sony VCL-HG0862K Wide Angle Lens
      • 3x Sony NP-F970 and charger
      • UV Filter
      • Manfrotto Tripod Head Kit

      Canon Video Cameras

      • Canon XL2
      • 3x Canon Bp-930 batteries and charger
      • UV Filter
      • Manfrotto Tripod Head Kit

      Fujinon XLPRO manual zoom lens

      • Canon XL3X Wide Angle Lens

      Lighting Department

      • Tungsten 4 lamp kit
      • 1x Arrilite 800w, Chimera, stand and RCD
      • 2x Arri Junior 650W, stand and RCD
      • 1x Arri Junior 300W, stand and RCD
      • 3x Canon Bp-930 batteries and charger 
      • 1kW Arri Junior Tungsten and Stand
      • 2kW Arri Junior Tungsten and Stand
      • 1.2kW Arri Compact Daylight HMI and 2 section wind up stand

      Sound Department

      • Location Recording Kit
      • Sound Devices 744T Recorder
      • Sound devices 302 3 channel mixer
      • Sennheiser 714 Microphone and Rycote Windshield Kit
      • Sennheiser EW112 Radio Microphone
      • Operators Bag, Heaphones and XLR cable

      Microphones Kits

      • Sennheiser ME-66 Rifle microphone
      • Rycote Windshield Kit
      • Headphones and XLR cables 
      • Sennheiser ME-80 Rifle microphone
      • Rycote Windshield Kit
      • Headphones and XLR cables 
      • Rode NT-G3 Rifle microphone
      • Rycote Windshield Kit
      • Headphones and XLR cables 
      • Sennheiser ME-67 Rifle microphone
      • Rycote Windshield Kit
      • Boomple, Headphones and XLR cables 
      • Sennheiser 816 Rifle microphone
      • Rycote Windshield Kit
      • Boom Pole, Headphones and XLR cables 
      • Audio Technica BP4027 Stereo Microphone
      • Rycote Windshield Kit
      • Boom Pole, Headphones and XLR cables 
      • Sanken COS-11 Lavielier Microphone
      • XLR Cables 
      • Sennheiser EW-112 G3 Radio Microphone set


      • Marantz PMD 670 Portable solid state audio recorder
      • Marantz PMD 660 Portable solid state audio recorder
    • Film/TV Studio


      The film/TV studio is approx. 200 square metres, with a clear shooting height of six metres and a motorised lighting grid. It is fully connected to the Production Gallery via eight wall boxes. It is also equipped with black, white (ecru) and green cyclorama curtains as well as having access to water and drainage.

      Green Screen Studio


      The green screen studio is approx. 45 square metres with a clear shooting height of four metres. It is connected to the Production Gallery via two wall boxes or can be operated separately using a mobile production unit. It has 75% surround chromakey walls and a black cyclorama curtain.

    • Under construction