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It was an important experience for sure. I wouldn't say that professional and academic growth is the main "point of impact" for me. It is primarily in terms of my personal development, and through that professional development.

Nicola Vucinic

Kino Eyes was fundamental to my professional growth. Before the course, working in film was something extra I did whilst working another job, chasing low- paid gigs to get my foot on the ladder and improve my portfolio.

Matt Part

Absolutely. It was thanks to my internship in Berlin, that resulted in my report, that I found the subject of historical representation of violence that has been guiding me through my fiction writing and my PhD research.

Eduardo Prado Cardoso

The Kino eyes program was integral in my development as a professional. From re-learning the discipline on set from various different perspectives and getting acquainted with the European workflows to learning the intricacies of post production, it has been one of the most insightful experiences and certainly an enormous boost in my self confidence.

Shehryar Khan

Yes, my graduations films from Kino Eyes helped me to get an internship after graduating and I learned a lot also during the time of making the films.

Ahmed Abdelrazek

Personally, it also expanded my critical sense, vocabulary, the level of discussion, writing skills, repertoire, among other things.

Isabella Giordano

Kino Eyes was a catalyst for my professional life by providing the guidance and the necessary tools to refine my practice, to be prepared and confident to work in an international setting and to acquire the knowledge necessary to become a strong collaborator in the filmmaking process.

Israel Bañuelos Loreto

KinoEyes played a major role in my professional and academic role in the sense that currently I have some knowledge of the professional process a TV show goes through before production starts.

Fiona Ansah

KEM was important for my professional growth, allowing me a professional environment to more closely explore film production with the guidance of working professionals in the industry.

Clare Fogerty

I've learned many professional techniques, gained a lot of experience and developed proficiency in applying realistic and imaginative solutions to technical issues in film-making and maintaining the integrity of films of all genres, optimizing sound quality, capitalizing on equipment capabilities, and making high-impact, behind-the-scenes contributions.

Nenad Stefanoski

Yes, very important. In two years I became a professional who can produce a project in a country I arrived just a month before.

Nare Ter-Gabrielyan