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My uploads aren't showing after submitting the application, is it normal?

Yes it is completely normal, if there's any file missing from your application we will contact you so you can share it with us.

When do applications open?

Applications open October of every year, unless communicated otherwise on our social media networks and on the website. Always keep an eye.

What counts as a certified copy of the original document?

Certified copies are photocopies of original documents that are certified with a stamp and signature to confirm that the copies are true to the originals. New date of the certification must be included.

Who should the recommendation letters be addressed to

The recommendation letters should be addressed to the "board members of KinoEyes".

Is my English language certificate issued before January 2021 acceptable?

No, you are required to take a new test (even if your certificate has no expiration date).

How Can I apply for the Scholarship?

The application for the scholarship is included with the application for the program itself, you don't need to submit anything beyond what is required in the application.

The language of instruction at my higher educational institution was English but I do not have any language certificates. Can I apply?

Yes, in the following way: You can get a declaration from your higher institution stating that your degree was formulated in English (upload it in the section of the language certificate in the application, addressed to "The board members of KinoEyes" and that way you'd be exempt from doing the language certificate exam.

The certificate should indicate that the language of instruction was English (at least 180 ECTS). Please also describe your language situation in the given field of the on-line application.

Which English exams are accepted for Kino Eyes?

You can find the accepted English exams for the admission under the Proof of Proficiency in The English Language on this link.

My CV/Letter of Motivation etc. does not fit in the given fields in the on-line application. What can I do?

You should edit/shorten your data so that it will fit. Include only the most important information. The given characters limit cannot be changed.

How can I apply as an ongoing student if my diploma is due latest by July of the year?

You can use a certification from your educational institution stating that you are currently enrolled including exact dates of your study period and of the expected graduation. But we would need to get your degree as soon as you receive it (in case selected, your enrollment would depend on it).

Where can I apply for a residence certificate?

In several countries local government offices can certify your address, others might be the mayor's office or city registration, however each country has different responsible authorities, you should find out about yours.

How should the applicant be credited in the Showreel?

You need to add your role in the work you are presenting (for each work you're showing in the showreel) along with the name of the project and the name of the director.

The local authorities in my country provide residence certificate only for foreigners. How can I verify my address?

Apply for a certificate at your place of work, study or training. Your address must be included in the certificate.

Should I submit a showreel if I'm applying to screenwriting?

Screenwriters are not obligated to submit a showreel. But it helps their application if a showreel is submitted (Advised format for the showreel: a compilation of different scenes from their written works).

Can I apply to multiple specilisations?

You cannot apply to multiple specilisations, you need to choose from the beginning the one that you are qualified for the most and accordingly submit.

I won't receive the English Language exam results before the deadline, am I still eligible?

You can send to us your results by latest January 15 (therefore please book your tests according to this deadline so you can have the results by then). Your application will be affected during the evaluation after January 15 if it does not include your results.

My uploads are not being uploaded on the portal when I am returning to a previously saved section?

The documents you upload while filling the application won't be saved, every time you go back to the application to edit you need to reupload. This is to make sure you upload the correct documents. We recommend you double check all uploads right before submitting to guarantee that they are there.

Can I apply with an expired passport?

You can submit in your application your expired passport, but you need to share with us the new passport once you receive it.

Do you recommend submitting multiple years in a row?

We encourage our applicants to apply one year after the other, as long as their portfolio is improved and they have new material to make their application more eligible.