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Academic programme

KEM offers one single joint curriculum that involves lecturing and specific project development in the different partner schools facilities.

KEM’s main academic topic is film and moving image media. The programme particularly focuses on fiction film, either short or feature formats. The programme also deals with the broader competences of film literacy, namely the ability to critically understand the medium and its forms of expression and manipulate the associated language and technical features.

Related academic topics are arts education and creativity. KEM’s curriculum integrates theoretical and practical oriented subjects, mostly based on a training through projects in development methodology, amidst a mix of analytical, critical and experimental didactic approaches that will provide students with an in-depth knowledge of fiction film development while allowing them to explore their creativity and specialise in those aspects of fiction films that correspond to their personal preferences, artistic ambitions, and needed professional skills. KEM focuses on a pentagon shaped educational model covering five core skills: writing, directing, producing, technical execution (cinematography, editing and sound) and creative programming, a transversal competence that includes parts of all others, and points to the need to integrate film literacy as a nuclear aspect of film education.