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The Thesis

The learning outcomes of the program were envisioned following the value chain of film production and in particular the co-production model that nowadays characterizes the international film scene.

The core outcomes of KEM are the students' final projects which they develop for their thesis:

  • One individual written thesis in the form of a report that can either be a research or a technical Report and described on the syllabus for the individual thesis subject;
  • One collective project called “Fiction film Package” that includes the development of a complete production package for a feature film proposal;
  • One collective project – “The short Film” – consisting of a finished fiction short film and production package.

The fact that along the last two semesters of the program the curriculum of the course is completely project oriented, implies the students’ progress must not only follow the project’s own development, but also that this mimics an actual production development in an international context, a unique feature of mobility that KEM design makes possible.

The two core subjects on the third semester - Research and development for final project production and Advance Short fiction development and production- mark the beginning of each team development of its final project.

At least one team will be allocated per school for the second year of the Master, where they will be developing their Thesis . During the last semester of the final year the students will continue on developing both the collective projects and the individual thesis and then meet again in the end of the course for one common public evaluation session that includes projects screening and discussion in front of an internal and external evaluation board.