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Fiction Production Project


Fiction production project concerns the development of the two fiction oriented elements that compose Kino Eyes curriculum: the short-fiction film and the feature film package.

Kino Eyes final Submission Thesis consists of three elements of which only the two mentioned above are considered. The three elements are:

  • One individual written thesis in the form of a report that can either be a research or a technical Report and described on the syllabus for the individual thesis subject;
  • One collective project called “Feature film Package” that includes the development of a complete production package for a feature film proposal;
  • One collective project – “The short Film” – consisting of a finished fiction short film and production package.

All these three elements are developed throughout the second year of the program in different subjects and then finally submitted and discussed at the end of the academic year. In the case of this particular subject, it concerns the short fiction and the feature film package.

The Feature Film Package is one of the documents to be submitted by the students as part of their final submission under this subject. This Package has no fix dimension and both paper and digital versions should be submitted including as many visual elements as desired by the team. This package is a collective – team based – project, but individual parts considering each of the specializations within Kino Eyes are considered.

The main objectives of the Feature Film Package are:

  • To provide students with an instrument that depicts their ability to develop and produce a feature film;
  • To provide students with a digital repository of the complete development package of a feature film;
  • To provide students with a package for the actual development of a feature film that they can – as a team or individuals – present to potential producers and/or distributors/investors. Future development of the Feature Film Package is always dependable of the written consent of the schools in the consortium;
  • To train students in the mechanisms of preparing a proposal for a feature Film development following “real world” premises and models.

The last element is the short fiction- This should be an Audiovisual fully completed piece with a duration not superior to 30 minutes. The film can be spoken in any language but English subtitling is then compulsory.