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Feature Film Editing

ECTS Credits: 10

Course Aims:The aim of this course is to give the students knowledge and experiences to feature film editing.

Brief description of the course:The overall aim is to produce practitioners to work in the industry, who are not only highly skilled but individual, creative, critically aware, innovative and professional in their approach to the collaborative process of film and program making.

Through extensive analysis of different films, the student will understand the grammar of cinema at its depth. Using the raw material of a professionally produced feature film, the students edit their own version of a feature film, in order to learn the dynamics and gain experience of a feature structure.


  • to develop the editing students' creative, intellectual and critical potential from a wide range of audio-visual information and experiences
  • to develop editor skills in both thinking and feeling by analyzing the structures of feature films in both large scale (whole film) as well as micro level (scene, shot)
  • to encourage an understanding that every film has it’s own unique rhythm and creative approach to storytelling, finding of which lies on the shoulders of an editor
  • to provide space and time for personal development through a range of experiences - inquiry, discovery and reflection
  • to provide experience of analyzing different editing methods
  • to provide practical experience of feature film editing by constructing a feature film structure, rhythm and finding a unique voice from the material
  • Learning Outcomes of the course

  • ability to identify the overall structure of a film
  • a high level of critical awareness together with an ability to articulate and communicate ideas through critical debate
  • a mature audiovisual awareness to image and rhythm construction work of an increasing ambition and quality
  • the beginnings of an ability to identify projects individual voice and using that in editing
  • communicate his/her ideas to the director and other crew, writing an editors vision for a feature project by suggesting the possible rhythm for a film in development phase
  • understand how his/her decisions have changed the film’s story and the impact on audience

Teacher: Mirjam Jegorov