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Graduation project development


Portfolio: each Producer/Writer/Director team is required to submit a Portfolio containing:

  • a 15-page short film drama Screenplay
  • a Short Film Production Package
  • a 2-page Feature Film narrative Outline
  • a Feature Film Proposal
  • a 2-page short film drama Screenplay

Learning Log: Each individual student is required to submit a Learning Log reflecting on and analysing their work on the module and specifically relating the nature of their involvement in the construction of the Portfolio (above). This will account for 30% of the overall module assessment.

Module content

On this module you will conceptualise and develop your graduation short film projects (to be produced in the 2nd year of the programme). In many film schools auteur writer/directors lead the development and production of screen projects. Industry typically adopts a different approach, in which producers initiate and drive project development in close collaboration with writers and directors. In this module you will critique these and other models for development, and work as a creative triumvirate of producer/writer/director. Further practical and critical examination of the craft of development, through individual and group research and workshops will lead towards the creation and development of original, achievable fiction screenplays and associated development materials.

The Short Film Production Package will be executed at a professional standard to a stage of development at which it would be ready, in an industry context, to submit to potential financiers. The Feature Film Proposal will contain sufficien information to allow the feature film projects to progress towards Production Packages during the second year of the programme.

The module’s Portfolio and Learning Log Assessments will help you analyse and reflect on the effectiveness of your contributions to the project development process.This programme is part of a suite of complementary programmes running within creen Academy Scotland. Students from all programmes are involved in common masterclasses and professional practice events. Cross-programme collaborations are actively encouraged.

Module Expectations

In the first Semester in Lisbon students were encouraged to experience working on the development of ideas with a number of their classmates.

Now, moving forward, creative teams have been formed (each team ideally consisting of Producer/Writer/Director in Edinburgh and Cinematographer/Editor/Sound Designer in Tallinn). Each team will develop a short film project and a feature film project (which may or may not be associated) and are committed to being assessed on work developed within their team.