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Introduction to the industry – transformations and opportunities

Objectives of the curricular unit

The core objective of this curricular unit is to provide students with an overview of how the film and moving image industry operates today in Europe and how its current configuration has been shaped by several variables in the past that nowadays inform its operation.

From the study of these core elements we will draw conclusions on the transformations taking place today in the industry and the opportunities thereof arising.

Complementarily the subject intends to provide the students with rudimentary knowledge on the financial and legal mechanisms relevant for this activity.

Lastly, the subject will introduce the students to several research methods relevant not only for the understating of the market and industry operation, but also for their future research development.

After completion of the subject students will be able to:

  • Identify and describe the core elements of the film and media industries value chain
  • Identify the main competitive drivers of these activities at an international level
  • Understand the main financial drivers and variables of the business
  • Understand and describe the role of the different actors in the industry: audiences; producers; distributors; etc...
  • Understand the differences between the European Market and other international markets (i.e USA, India, others)
  • Identify opportunities and possibilities arousing from the changing technological landscape
  • Identify the new formats and genres the film industry is involved in
  • Apply in the context of market or academic research the core research methods and techniques relevant for this field of study