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Aesthetics and technology

Objectives of the curricular unit:

Production module

To assure the students understanding and hability to use the tools and techniques involved in capturing attention, creating emotions, value and trust through the use of words and other presentational skills, crucial in the early stages of the development of a film project and distribution. Complementary objectives includ the improvement of research skills particularly regarding the production distribution and BO of low budgets films worldwide.

Screenwriting module

More information soon.

Directing module

The main objective of this unit is to study, learn, discuss the ways to transform, adapt and discover the visual platform where the story/script will be materialized.  How to realize the visuals from the ideas, how to reflect on the ways the aesthethic can tell more and give more to film and how to do it. The importance of it is essencial to the filmmaker and to the film itself. 

Cinematography module

To be able to interpret a script and to adapt the aesthetics chosen to create the photographic mood of the film.

To be able to manage the needs of the director with the constraints of the budget. To be able to plan equipment lists. To be able to work in a team with Producer, Director and Art department. To develop skills to work with his crew members from the camera department to grip and electrical departments. To be able to adapt the characteristics of the work with the project subject, genre and type. 

Editing module

Identify techniques, art and aesthetics of editing and visual effects. Learn and apply the principles of editing and film post-production. Explore the creative potentials of new digital cinema technologies through editing and compositing software. It is the aim of this unit that the use of the resources available at the university reflects not only the skills mentioned above, but to encourage the creative exploration of digital filmmaking.

Sound module

The module focuses on the study of sound production for film emphasizing on various historical and theoretical concepts regarding contemporary audiovisual communication strategies. Audio production technical skills are complemented by creative, artistic and aesthetic references concerning the relationship between sound and the moving image. In order to increase and achieve creative competences students are stimulated to develop analytical and critical thought embracing new perspectives that will provide a comprehension of the various semiotic and aesthetic approaches that contribute to the communicational efficiency of a film. Through the understanding of the mechanisms that favor the articulation between sound (music) and image, the meaning or signification process and reception, students will cover new theoretical grounds for their film projects and a better understanding of its role in society and culture.

This module also favors the acquisition of technical and creative competences of the sound production process. Students are stimulated to develop and expand their recording, audio editing and mixing skills focusing on the composition of sound structures and narratives by incorporating voice, sound files from libraries, music, sound effects, sound design and restoration strategies for film projects.