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Feature Film Cinematography

ECTS Credits: 10

Course Aims:Goal of the course is to understand and participate in the process cinematographers have to take when preparing to shoot a feature film or long format series. From reading the script to previsualization, location scouting, shooting tests and deciding the schedule. Also to understand different genres and approaches to visual storytelling. What can the cinematographer bring to the project according to the source material and the director's vision? Complementarity, the subject will acquire knowledge about the Pre-Production Package that’s part of the 2nd year graduation project.

Brief description of the course:Lectures, seminars and independent exercises that help the students to learn and practice different stages of feature film cinematography.

Learning Outcomes of the course

After the completion of the course the student has the skills and knowledge of methods how to:

  • read, interpret and analyze film from a cinematographers viewpoint.
  • plan and execute a full-length feature film while taking into account the timeframes and different stages of film creation:
  • prepare the film both technically and artistically: from previsualization to camera tests and scheduling.
  • approach projects in different ways and use all the possibilities of visual language

Teacher: Mart Raun