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Feature Film Sound

ECTS Credits: 10

Course Aims:This is a course in film production skills while working in a feature length film. The course will provide experiences in developing skills in sound recording, sound editing, and sound design of a feature film.

Brief description of the course:The overall aim is to produce practitioners to work in the industry, who are not only highly skilled but individual, creative, critically aware, innovative and professional in their approach to the collaborative process of making film or any other kind of AV content.

Using the latest equipment and technology, students develop their skills in digital tracklaying, editing, sound design and mixing.


  • to develop the sound students' creative, intellectual and critical potential by working and analyzing the wide range of audio-visual content and information.
  • to encourage and develop personality and individuality through a creative approach to sound and film making.
  • to provide space and time for personal development through a range of experiences, inquiry, discovery and reflection.
  • to provide practical experience of film and AV production techniques from concept to delivery.
  • to be conversant with current creative and technological issues and prepare to challenge the boundaries in the future
  • Learning Outcomes of the course

    • ability to analyze and explore a needs and problems of a film or other audio-visual material while applying practical solutions to solve them.
    • a mature aural awareness to sound design and post-production procedures.
    • work of increasing ambition and quality.
    • personality and individual approach.
    • a high level of critical awareness together with an ability to articulate and communicate ideas through a critical debate.
    • preparing a sound design for an animation or fiction production.
    • recording, editing and mixing on high technical standards.
    • operating Pro Tools in an efficient way.

    Teacher: Harmo Kallaste