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Entrepreneurship workshop


This theoretical and practical module provides students with an understanding of the elements of entrepreneurship and of basic management tools. The workshop aims at raising the students_ awareness of entrepreneurship on film and television within the contexts of media eco-systems, market forces and consumer trends. Students will learn how to identify different professional outcomes and to assess career management and business creation with the help of case studies and the development of a creative idea into a business plan fit for to be presented to investors and financing institutions.


The workshop aims to stage the set for helping film and television students understand the basic characteristics of entrepreneurship and to develop entrepreneurial projects in the realm of the creative industries. Students will become aware of the need to and how to develop from inception creative projects that address entrepreneurial, managerial, market and technological factors in order to increase the chances of successful financing and market launch. Students will become more empowered to present, discuss and persuade international investors and financing institutions to invest in creative projects conceived from inception to address the commercial needs of global or specific audiences, platforms and markets.

Students will acquire expertise, knowledge, skills and competences to access to international professional networks, to collaborate with non-European professionals and to network with investment decision makers. The workshop will provide students with basic tools for acting on a global scale taking advantage of digital technologies and to promote the cross fertilization of ideas and experiences. Students will learn basic management concepts and modern management techniques through the development of a business plan and the theoretical testing of new business models and audience development strategies.