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Angela Duque


Representation of gender has often been limited and reduced to stereotypes, which is one of the main generators of discrimination and division in our society. It has been unclear where these gender representation patterns come from. Is society naturally how stereotypes describe them? or are these patterns of constructed values? This was the initial question from which this research started. Dune (1984) is an adaptation of the book Saga written by Frank Herbert where male and female characters are out of conventional patterns and stereotypes in gender representation. This research is a critical editing comparison between David Lynch’s Dune (1984) and the fan-edited Dune: The Alternative Edition Redux (2012). It is a case study of how editing can have an important impact on gender representation. It exposes the stereotypes as a problem for creativity and diversity in storytelling and also questions the concept of identity and desire in order to find paths for the progressive demolition of gender misrepresentation.