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Ramaswamy Manogaran Ramprasad


Often, movies made on political commentary in India, have gone through some trouble during its release. Either they are not true to the political statement they make, or they are so true that they end up offending either the right wing or the left wing. This research would be a good understanding material for stories which involves strong political statements and to communicate them using films as an absolute art form.

The undertones of Cinematographer-Director Santosh Sivan’s films are political in nature. Though the subjects of the films are not necessarily political, the prism through which his subjects pass are political. The breakdown by this prism results in interesting lighting, framing and composition in his works. By analysing few of his works, we can identify his visual styles and understand his approach behind him creating these images. ‘The Politics of Santosh Sivan’s films’ analyses the aforementioned process of dispersion.