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Martini Conquilla


Streaming services and the gaming industry are now producing almost identical products with its Choose-Your-Own-Adventure type interactive films. Research has shown that there is a shift in viewing habits as video content like films can now be accessed on mobile devices. With that, Netflix, the largest streaming services right now started producing interactive films based on their original shows while the gaming industry have been producing this type interactive content that serves a niche audience. This thesis investigates if the shift in viewing experiences pushed Netflix to adapt or adopt the niche marketing strategies of the gaming industry to target film and television viewers with its interactive offering.

By conducting interviews with experts in the gaming and films marketing industries, survey on respondents who are the potential audience for this type of genre, and observations on marketing strategies done to promote these films, this study shows that Netflix is solely experimenting on this type of format that would serve their present business objectives without actively competing with the gaming market. While the results show that the potential audiences for these films are open to view more interactive content, they expect a more seamless integration of the narrative and the interactive aspect to maximize the viewing experience which can only be achieved if Netflix and the gaming developers start collaborating to make this format work. Further research is needed to identify other factors that audiences are considering with regards to this format of interactive storytelling on streaming services by conducting more interviews and surveys with a larger base of Netflix and gaming subscribers.