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Ansah Fiona


This work investigates an analysis of the trends in the Kumawood industry in Ghana. The analysis was focused on the history of this specific milieu, the trends in the industry using qualitative research. The work is framed by different theories on African Cinema and its specificities (Nanbigne, 2011) and (Sadoul 1962).

As a result of the homogenous nature of the target population, a small size of six (6) Producers and Actors was selected. The judgmental sampling approach was used to select the target population. The use of interview guides was instrumental in determining the operations, current status and evolution of the Kumawood sector.

In assessing the current trends in the industry 66.67% of the respondents mentioned the industry was in a decline state which made them lose revenue and ultimately profits. Other findings were the lack of funding, poor quality movies, shorter lead times in movie production and transition in terms of distribution to the masses. Findings of this research were however not used to make generalizations about the entire Ghanaian film industry.

Some challenges of the Kumawood industry were also examined and recommendations were made to that effect. Recommendations were also made to ensure the production of movies for the masses, these include: government support and interventions, increase lead times.