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Sivasudhan Balamanohar


By discussing the cinematographic challenges faced and how they were dealt with in a student film, the present work seeks to develop a better understanding of the role and responsibilities of a cinematographer. As a foundation, the report defines all the processes involved in the process of cinematography at different stages in film making. The report then takes on a case study about all the processes involved in the making of the student short fiction film ‘Aceitação’. Followed by discussing the various challenges faced in the filming of long take films from a cinematographic stand point and also by giving an insight into the workflow of the process, my study & findings in this paper are a documentation of the processes I used throughout the three stages of film making process while working on the project ‘Aceitação’. In summary, the report dwells on how the process of cinematography demands equally a technical & aesthetical approach at all times, by discussing the choices that are an integral part of it.