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Dean Radovanovic abstract


I have brought on to myself a roller-coaster hell- ride over the edges of a Mobius strip when the fascination with “the science of ‘pataphysics” united with cinematic narration glimpsed as an idea to elaborate in academic terms. As a starting pataphysician, this combination came intuitively at first, before the boomerang effect unrelished over every attempt at creating conclusions in scientific or classical academic sense. This line of reasoning and elaboration is hand to hand with that scientific strategies on how to dissect a paradigm into components governed by any causality and any order. For obvious reasons, once entering this subject, one will be confronted with great deal of resistance towards the conventional and the defined, for “the science of ‘pataphysics” opposes in all its physical, metaphysical and dominantly pataphysical nature any form of unified signification and systematization, hermeneutical dissection or without any scientific- syntagm, any common reasoning. Enclosing this text(or paper) within applied pataphysics in cinematic narration into that thinking of a well- established physical time and space, is at its best paradoxical, and possibly impossible agenda...continues