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Ingemar Martinez abstract


The aim of this thesis report is to map the process of the pre production, production and postproduction of IMPROMPTU and to link the ideas used in our project with other artwork that was used as inspiration. Art and Cinema are inextricable related. We cannot assume the existence of cinema without recognizing the contributions of other kinds of art to its creation.

The art of painting is one of the first antecedents of cinematic expression. Constructing a frame to tell a story or to motivate the spectator to feel something are the basics of cinema. Cinema is represented in two-dimensional moving images; some texts claim that the third dimension is the depth of field. Nonetheless, I truly believe that the third dimension is the sound, especially our own imagination of what does sounds represent and where it places us in a space. Frame and framing are more related than the single frame that is reproduced twenty four times per second to give us the sensation of movement. Painting and photography have been an important source of style and tone for films but we can also consider music, sculpture, architecture and an endless list of other art expressions.

I have always been curious to find where certain shots come from, how they were lit How Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Influenced Impromptu, The storytelling of Impromptu, from the rabbit hole and how they were executed. Since my role has been as a creative producer in the first stage of the film I have applied this curiosity and care for the detail in the creative process of “IMPROMPTU’.