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Eduardo Cardoso abstract


The writing of a historical series for television does not happen in three months. However, in that span of time it is possible to produce a considerable amount of material that is very likely going to facilitate and sometimes even originate the actual teleplays. This written document reports the work developed in a three-month internship in Berlin, Germany, with the support of the production company Fortis Imaginatio. Therefore, it aims to shed a light on the potential narratives for the historical characters and events and on the research techniques utilized along the way.

This written form reflects a great number of creative and academic demands. From my personal standpoint, it serves as a guidance for a very organized workflow. For the company which I signed a contract with, it is a helpful document to further the research for the show. The universities which course I am enrolled in want to see the abilities and skills I developed as a screenwriter to be displayed in this final graduation paper.

The series’s demands for the duration of the internship comprised a detailed research of potential characters, a rich understanding of the show’s style and first two seasons, and a proactive attitude to push forward new characters and situations, always taking into consideration the state of the whole project, which was vying for European and American funds for a comprehensive writing in 2017 and 2018.