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Johnny Farah


In the film and media industry, the terms “ambient sounds” and “backgrounds” mean the specific sounds and atmospheres given from the space of a scene, whether these are actually recorded on location or added to the scene later. This combined research and technical report discusses some of the main roles of ambient sounds and how to implement them in the new short film “Adaptation”. It investigates how sound ambiences reflect the protagonist’s emotional state and how they affect the viewer. The report cites examples of films as well as other reports and essays that draw insights into the role of ambiences in storytelling. Informed by these writings, this report includes an original pilot case study that demonstrates how different ambiences affect a viewer. By combining research and the technical process of a new film, the report seeks to contribute to the industry by creating a link between theorists and practitioners. A list of tasks converts these theories to practical work on set. Moving to production and post-production, a thorough description of the work developed and the challenges faced is discussed and analyzed, demonstrating how ambient sounds contributed to the film.