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Merja Riitta Maijanen abstract


As a director student I am interested in other directors ́ methods and improving my own directorial skills. Alfred Hitchcock is the director I focus on, because of his reputation of being the “Master of Suspense”. I am writing a thriller and because of that I really want to learn more about creating suspense. I ́m also interested in him as a director because instead of a great performance or dialogue, he uses symbols for plot development and expressing characters' feelings. His directing methods have made him one of the most appreciated directors in the whole world and of all times.

I chose Vertigo out of his over 50 films, because it has been voted for one of the greatest films of all times. I want to research why was Vertigo appreciated the most out of his films, even though it wasn ́t very successful on its time of release. What techniques did Alfred Hitchcock use to make such remarkable film like Vertigo and why has Vertigo earned that title? I also find Vertigo ́s story similar to mine, so researching it helps me in my screenwriting as well.

In my research I have watched documentaries, interviews, making-ofs and read many books and online articles about Alfred Hitchcock and Vertigo and also studied the film itself frame by frame and I have found answers to these questions.