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Cheng-Han Lin abstract


This technical report aims to deal with my creative process that was involved in the creation of the visual style for the short film titled ‘Mylissa,’ that tells a story about a single mother who is learning about her teenage daughter’s secret online relationship on their trip to Portugal. Our protagonist struggles to preserve the close bond with her daughter, a parenthood stage lots of the parents have been through.

The technical report will specifically focus on how I present the concept of letting go visually through the use of realistic cinematography. I am going to investigate, explain and discuss the pre-production requirement concerning realistic cinematography approach for the short film ‘Mylissa.’ Moreover, I would like to explore the theory of realism that assists me during the process regarding the realm of cinematography based on the Bazinian realism theory.

I will additionally go into the process of creating the visual style of the film based on the theory and the references that inspired me during the pre-production phase, namely color, lighting, and framing. Following this broader understanding of the using of realistic cinematography approach, I will additionally go into the details of how I create the aesthetic for the film. Using the chosen aesthetic to support the narrative. This report will include detailed information regarding a variety of plans and final implementation.