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Krish Makhija abstract


This technical report aims to deal with my creative process involved in the creation of the short film titled, ‘Spin-Off’ as part of the Kino-Eyes European Masters program. “Spin-Off” tells the story of a woman who is struggling with the loss of her partner, and who seizes an opportunity to escape the grieving process. An opportunity that is inexistent in today’s world. It is set in the near future and combines elements of science fiction, however narratively it sticks to being a drama primarily dealing with the relationship of two individuals. The technical report deals specifically with my use of colour in the film and will go into general theories of colour perception. Since we chose to use green as the dominant colour to help visually tell our story, I will additionally focus on the various theories revolving the use and perception of the colour green in cinema and go specifically into a personal analysis of the film, ‘Gattaca’ which played an integral role during the pre-production phase and which inspired us to create the world that we did for the film. Following this broader understanding of the role that colours (specifically green) have played in the history of cinema, I will proceed to go into details of how I went about creating an aesthetic, using the chosen colour scheme to try and support the story in all stages of production. This will include the detailed information regarding various tests; plans, discussions and final implementation that went into creating the final imagery that constitute the film today.