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Sandra lives alone in a small village in the middle of nowhere in Estonia. One day she gets an unexpected call from her son Ivar who left her years ago. The two of them get an opportunity to reconnect but Ivar seems to be the same person he was 10 years ago. He keeps promising a new life to Sandra, as he is on a mission to get part-time custody of his son she didn’t know about. And just as she starts trusting him, he lets her down confirming her doubts about him, and she ends up asking him to leave.


Producer: Jon Gojani
Director: Vera Pirogova
Screenwriter: Filip Jokanovic
Cinematographer: Camilo Villamizar Plazas
Sound Designer Maria Alejandra Vanegaz Ruiz
Editor: Rana Prathap Avuti


Black Nights Film Festival - PoFF
Beeston Film Festival