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Bernardo (18) spends his time surfing and trying to grow a talent that his deceased mother perfected. Having the water be the only thing that allows him to grieve he forgets about his responsibilities at his father's business and always leaves it unprioritized. His dad, MIGUEL (50), is annoyed by this behavior as he sees that the business is not getting better and the thing he built with his deceased is falling apart. With the end of summer, his son must step up as he can't afford to keep the temporary waitress, VAL (20). Bernardo spends his break surfing and finds Val trying to sell homemade brigadeiros. Unconcerned about work the next day, Bernardo mentions he is going to a party. Noticing her discomfort, he offers to help her sell there. At dawn, after spending the night at the beach, Bernardo dives and stays under the sea for as long as he can until he's forced to catch his breath and comes to peace with his emotions.


Producer: Hind Kammourieh
Director: Felix Cognard
Screenwriter: Isabella Giordano
Cinematographer: Fadi Saghbiny
Editor: Angela Duque
Sound Designer: Shehryar Khan


Sophia Estudiante Melhor Curta-Metragem Mestrado e Doutoramento
Fest Cine Saqua
Azores Fringe Festival
Lift-Off Global Network Session
Student World Impact Film Festival (SWIFF)
First-Time Filmmaker Session
Fotofilm Festival
Portuguese Surf Film Festival Ericeira
Melbourne Cineverse Film Festival
3in1 Film Festival
AIU International Film Festival
Waterford International Film Festival
Harkat 16mm Film Festival
Premios Curtas - Melhor Actriz Secundaria para Joana Penido
Entre Curtas International Film Festival Chaves, Portugal