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Alice is a 32-year-old artist who left her hometown when she was a teen. One night she receives a call from her sister which states that their father has come back. Alice who hasn't seen the father since his mysterious disappearance 10 years ago, now gets hope to reconnect with him. However, the phone call puts her beside a serious decision: returning to the Zone means facing the fears of her past and coping with the guilt of leaving her sister behind. In addition, the border control has become stricter. Finally, Alice sets herself on a journey. When she gets to the forest near the Zone, Anne calls again and states that their Father isn’t back and she lied. In the house in the Zone Anne, hears footsteps and her eyes get full with tears, she is also smiling. The key is opening the door from the other side, Anne looks at the door, frozen.


Producer: Nare Leone Ter-Gabrielyan
Director: Anastasiya Maksymchuk
Screenwriter: Sarower Reza Jimi
Cinematographer: Jacopo Meneghin
Sound Designer: Hisham Sharafeddine
Editor: Mariana Nunes