Reception psychology


Grades will be formed on the basis of attendance, doing home assignments, reading given materials, active participation in the class discussions and on the final assignment.

Final assignment: analytical research paper based on the final thesis film topic. Each student will conduct personal research on the topic, theme or environment of their final films (no script needed, the research is based on the idea that is being developed by scriptwriters-directors-producers). Research can be a mixture of theoretical academic research and practice based research.


This course is focused on the way human perception and aspects of the psychology of senses affect the way filmmakers work. The origins of composition, be it visual, audial or temporal, can all be traced back to the features of human perception.

The course will explore the phenomenon of perception through lectures and seminars and through analysis will show its implications to filmmaking.

The content of the lectures will be complemented with assignments that explore these phenomen more in-depth.

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