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This course is focused on the way human perception and aspects of the psychology of senses affect the way filmmakers work. The origins of composition, be it visual, audial or temporal, can all be traced back to the features of human perception.

The course will explore the phenomenon of perception through lectures and seminars and through analysis will show its implications to filmmaking.

The content of the lectures will be complemented with different practical home assignments that explore these phenomen more in-depth. If possible, some real scientific perceptual experiments will be conducted; if not, the students will be introduced to different perceptual scientific experiments’ content and results.

As it is a very interdisciplinary course, many topics will cover fields of psychology, cognitive sciences, art history, film theory and draw interdisciplinary conclusions. Thus, some theories, which might be considered anachronistic or out of date in some fields, are under the discussion because they shed light to the interdisciplinary nature of art and human perception.

Different practical home assignments will be given to students so that the theory will find an application in a real world situation.



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