Audiovisual dramaturgy

Objectives of the curricular unit:

This is a curricular unit that tries to elucidate the phenomenal contours of the subjects at hand, reinventing the landscape around these topics and the discourse they have produced. This propels a voyage into the heart of the phenomenon, and the resulting cultural ‘picture’ is a figuration of these arrangements. The entity features also an accumulation of case studies, research windows, towards a group of filmmakers that have significantly contributed to the development of art, cinema and aesthetics. What is the development between cinema and other arts in this elemental point of view? This question forms an approach to explore the multilevel systems at play in this interaction. With the help of a historical perspective to these matters, we can comprehend how vitally they are interspersed. The emphasis on close analysis of extracts and larger cinematic entities will bring a new level to these meetings of various aspirations. The content of the discipline refers to its possibilities to solve these problems, as well as to its expository methods of research, and assumptions that lie around this phenomenon. All this mentioned here, forms a specific way of thinking that relies on a balanced understanding of what is elementary and crucial in these connections, and what is specific to all the individual cases referred here. At the same time, our research attitudes may reach new dimensions in incorporating and measuring the data at hand, and giving new insights for further speculation. Our comprehensive and associational logic can also create possibilities for genuine re-combinations of old and new material, and unify our practices and operations of looking at cinema through modes that are engaged with other arts, and the aesthetic experiences created by these intertwined forces of representation.

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