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"Il Vespista" - Alumni Interview

"Il Vespista", raw still.

Students from KEM 1st and 2nd intake got together to make "Il Vespista", a film inspired by the life of Giorgio Bettinelli. Francesco Crivaro, alumni from KEM 1 and creator of the project talks about the film and the importance of KEM on it.

Where did the idea for the project came from?

The film, as you probably know, is inspired by the real life of an Italian traveler and writer that in his days traveled the world several times on a tiny Vespa.

I love travel literature, motorbikes (specially old Vespas), travels and I’ve always been fascinated by the stories of the great explorers of the past who literally risked their own life to reach new places and discover new cultures and borders. Few years ago, before starting KEM, I had just finished to read Giorgio Bettinelli’s books and I was deeply fascinated and touched by them. I wanted to understand what could have pushed a man to travel for more than 280000 km on a Vespa in the late 90s despite being kidnapped and having faced the death several times. He had the ability to describe the beauty of the diversity of the world from a particular slow perspective (from behind the handlebar of a Vespa) but seemed to have an interesting contrast and hidden conflict that could somehow arise from those pages. So I started researching about him, I met his family, his friends and I suddenly discovered the existence of a man, the true Giorgio, that was kind of different from the character of his books. A man with his fears, fragilities, desires and faults. That “real” Giorgio was even more interesting to me compared to the fearless“hero” of those books that could cross any country and overcome any problems. I saw many of my personal experiences reflected in Giorgio’s life and the possibility of making a very personal film to get eventually some answer about what makes a person really “free” and, ultimately, if freedom and happiness are always on the same side of the coin.

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