Application Requirements

KEM is open to European and non-European students with a BA degree related with film production; other degrees are accepted for applicants with professional experience also in film. In order to guarantee high-quality training, KEM will only enroll 6 students per specialisation.

The following requirements must be fulfilled by all applicants:

  • Application Form (online and complying with the imposed deadlines, no applications sent by regular mail will be accepted).
  • Copy of passport/identification card (This should be an official identification document including a photograph and personal data like first name, surname and date and place of birth. This data should be described in English language -like in passports. We recommend that it should have an expiration date that covers the duration of the entire master).
  • Recent photograph.
  • Final university diploma from previous degree(s) - BA or Master with minimum National Framework Qualifications level 8 or European Qualifications Framework level 6 - (If in other language than in English, additional officially certified translation into English is obligatory, and it should also contain the University stamp).
  • Curriculum vitae (must provide professional qualification(s), experience, pieces of work(s), job(s), task(s), professional skills in film-making).
  • Two or three Letters of Recommendation. These do not have to follow a template. The only requirement is that the contact details of the person providing the reference must be clearly typed and should contain a business email address and a telephone number.
  • Letter of motivation that expresses interest in studying at KEM (max 1000 characters).
  • Expectations concerning knowledge to acquire (max 1000 characters).
  • Portfolio/ show reel of previous films (This portfolio must reflect your area of specialization chosen for the Master course. You should show the film credits and if possible, with English subtitles. Only unlisted link in YouTube or similar.)
  • If you are applying for scriptwriting, please upload the treatments of your most significant work. If filmed, please include it on your portfolio/show-reel.
  • Proof of proficiency in the English language - IELTS 6.0  - Further requirement listed at the end of the page*
  • A residence certificate issued in accordance with the candidate's municipality normal registration rules or, a certificate from the candidate's place of work, study or training issued by the employer or institution in question.

Selection Criteria

All eligible applicants will be assessed by members of the consortium taking into account the following elements:

  • The applicant’s academic quality, judged primarily from the results of prior university studies.
  • The applicant’s motivation and justification of the application in relation to prior studies, work experience (if applicable) and future career plans towards the aims of KEM, judged from the CV in combination with the letter of motivation, expectations and portfolio/show reel.
  • The applicant’s English language skills, judged from the certificate provided and from the interview.
  • Applicants with the highest scores resulting from the application package will be called for a Skype Interview in date to be settled by the selection commitee.

Applicants that does not qualify for the interview will be informed by February. Candidates will be informed about the selection by mid May the latest.


There’s no possibility for any appeal to the final list of selected applicants, except if based on a specific procedural error by KEM consortium in the application process.


Please read the Selection Criteria as well as the Application Procedure carefully before submitting an appeal.

• Candidates who fail to provide the required documents within the established timeframes may not submit an appeal.

• Candidates who followed the Application Procedure and respected the Deadlines but were denied selection due to unmet Selection Criteria and have reasons to believe that a mistake has been made during the selection procedure have the right to appeal the Selection Board's decision.

The appeal procedure is concerned with how your proposal was handled in the evaluation and eligibility-checking process. It is not an automatic reevaluation. Please note that new information or clarifications that should have been in the proposal will not be taken into consideration. If after reading the above mentioned conditions you still have reasons to believe that a mistake has been made, please send an email to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with all the necessary information. All appeals have to be submitted before the 10th of April.



Please explain in detail your reason to believe that a mistake has been made:

Make sure to provide a correct e-mail address so that you can receive notifications on the status of your appeal.

You will be contacted as soon as a decision has been made. 


* Providing one of the following English certificates with the minimum scores listed below:

  • IELTS 6.0 (Exam taken with a maximum of 2 years prior the enrollment with no component less than 6.0; Academic IELTS)

Providing an English-language higher educational diploma at an institute of higher education in one of the Inner Circle countries:

  • United Kingdom
  • United States of America
  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • Canada (except Quebec)
  • Ireland
  • Caribbean Islands
  • South Africa

Providing an English-language diploma at an institute of higher education (including statement that the BA study of at least 180 ECTS was conducted in English) and presenting a convincing application for a waiver of the requirement.

Napier University has special language requirements regarding language qualifications: If an applicant’s undergraduate degree was fully taught and examined in English and they have graduated within two years of this course start date, they would be exempt fromtaking an English language test.

We would require a letter confirming their degree was fully taught and examined in English if the degree was not studied in a majority English speaking country. If an applicant does not meet this exemption, we would require an IELTS overall of 6.0 with no component less than 6.0.

More information here

Privacy Statement

We inform Candidates/Applicants that if they are selected (proposed for a scholarship/fellowship, put on the reserve list or enrolled on a self-paying basis) their data may be used for the purposes of evaluating the programmes, efficiently manage the projects, and producing statistics. Data could be made available to the EACEA, the European Commission, the European External Action Service staff, as well as to other stakeholders of the Erasmus+ programme, such as Erasmus+ National Agencies, National Erasmus+ Offices and the Erasmus Mundus Student and Alumni Association. Please read full statement at or download it here.


Read the FAQ regarding the Erasmus Mundus Scholarships for more information.

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