Lauri Tomas Oscar Elstelä


Grotesque characters are some of the most enthralling individuals in literature and film. These characters evoke fear, horror, and pity in audiences. They inspire us to reflect on their extraordinary encounters and interactions. This paper explores representations of the grotesque in Ali Abbasi’s 2018 film Border. Ali Abbasi’s Border provides archetypal representations of the grotesque that are consistent with both classical and modern manifestations of the concept. Through the focal characters, Tina and Vore, Abbasi succeeds in portraying a powerful vision of both the positive and negative forms of the grotesque that can be considered a culmination of the tradition.

The paper begins with a definition of the term “grotesque” and a discussion of the key elements that feature in Border's central characters. The paper then proceeds to an exploration of theories of the grotesque, and representations of the grotesque in selected classical and modern works. Finally, the paper discusses the context and implications of the grotesque in Border.

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