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Class of  2015 


Veli Rajassar

I'm Veli, a producer from Estonia. Films and production are my all-in-one thing - a job, a hobby and my passion. I also play a few instruments and love cars - nothing spectacular here. Looking forward to meeting you all and creating something to remember!


Sergio Salazar

Sergio Salazar is a 27 years old Mexican Film Producer student at KEM. Communication and Information Sciences Bachelor, with specialty in Arts and Journalism. Experienced in project managing, film criticism and programming. Aspires to co-produce films about self-knowledge and the search for identity. Open to make mistakes.


Clare Fogerty

Clare is a film producer from the USA. She enjoys hiking, traveling, and second-hand alpaca sweaters. Favorite quote: "Sometimes I feel like all I have going for me is the color of my hair." - Six Feet Under.


Tiago Carvalheiro

Tiago studied under several renowned names in the film industry, including Jan Harlan, Joshua Oppenheimer, Thomas Vinterberg and many more at the European Film College in Denmark. He wants to make an incredible feature and then retire to the countryside and brew his own beer. He also enjoys plagiarizing other people's bios.


Ingemar Roman

I am a professional in the Communicative Product industry, my speciality is in TV Commercials. I started my professional career in film production eleven years ago. During my undergraduate studies in Film, I made several short films and participated in different film festivals, which gave me good basis for furthering my professional career. Motivated from my passion for the communicative products, I took the decision to study a second Bachelor in Communication Sciences and recently I started a Master program in Film.


Bojana Babic

Born in Serbia in 1990, studied screenwriting and writing for performance in Belgrade, worked as a copywriter before enrolling in Kino Eyes. I believe in storytelling, humankind, I-ching and very often I believe in lies.


Eduardo Prado

I'm Eduardo, a 28-year-old graduate at University of São Paulo, Brazil. My main areas of study during film school were scriptwriting and producing, because I think it's a powerful combination. After trying to breakthrough the TV industry in Rio de Janeiro a few years ago I realized that I should focus in gaining experience in other countries, so being a masters student at Kino Eyes is a great accomplishment in my life.


Sergio Castañon

Sergio Castañón. Born and raised in Puebla, México. Specializing in screenwriting. Interested in fantastic and cultural narrative.


Huang Ailun

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Lucas Abrahão

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Ilija Cvetkovski

Ilija from Macedonia. I don't care much about the type of music or film being produced... what I most care is the SOUND of that music or movie. Relentless passion for sound engineering and audio design complied with meticulous attention to details.


Richard Tettey

I have successfully pursued a four-year Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Degree Programme in Film and Television Production and majored in Film Sound Production at the National Film And Television Institute(NAFTI) Ghana, West Africa. I am a member of the KINO EYES Master Degree Programme and I will specialize in Sound Design.


Indrek Soe

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Francesco Crivaro

Hello! My name is Francesco, i’m from Italy and I’m a student of cinematography. After several years of professional experience in the camera department throughout Europe i decided to strengthen my knowledge and skills in lighting and framing for film. I’m really trying to do my best to become a good cinematographer and to be able to create the right images to enrich every story. More about Francesco here


Krish Makhija

A 24 year old independent Cinematographer and producer from Bombay, obsessed with orcas, Dave Matthews band and chaos.


Adelaida Pardo

Adelaida Pardo is a Colombian visual storyteller; nowadays she is finding her way to become a eye by going deeper in the artcraft of cinematography.


Ahmed Abdelrazek

Graduated in the higher institute of cinema in Egypt in 2012, worked on short feature films and documentaries as an editor, worked also as a junior editor on some long features and TV series in Egypt for 8 years.


Dagmara Kucinska

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Madlen Sieghartsleitner

I am a film editor from Austria. I studied MediaDesign for my Bachelor and then worked in the post-production department at an Austrian production house mainly operating in the commercial sector. Then I decided that I want to pursue new paths and develop myself further, both professionally and creatively. So I applied for KEM; and I got in. *yay*


Yasir Kareem Yasir

Yasir Kareem Yasir from Iraq, 29 years old. Graduated from College of sciences, chemistry. Studied cinema in Iraqi independent film center in Baghdad.  His first movie as a director was "Kingdom of Garbage”, It got a special mention of jury in Tribeca film festival 2015 and two awards in 15 short film festival in NY, 2015. He wrote many short films and one feature Documentary, he was a Co-writer of Three short films produced in 2013 as a workshop in Iraqi Independent film center. One of them got a crystal bear award, Berlin Film Festival, as a student visionary award in Tribeca film festival. 



Saeid Behbahaninia

"To see, hear, meet, talk and experience. To put myself in new surroundings and to bring out my camera to take a picture or my notebook to write a few lines. This is the life I want to live and what KEM is about for me."


Jeronimo Sarmiento

Studied Filmmaking and TV at Universidad Nacional de Colombia (2010) and took film courses in Image and Sound Design as an exchange student at Universidad de Buenos Aires (Argentina) (2007). His professional career has been focused as director and cinematographer for diverse film projects such as short films, commercials, documentaries and music videos along with teaching photography in art schools. His short films have been part of official selection in Colombian and international film festivals in Europe, Latin America and Russia. Lately, he has focused his work as founder and creative director in the Colombia-based company LotusLink Creative House.


Dean Radovanovic

Dean Radovanović(1988, Zenica BiH) has been involved in screenwriting and directing for the past eight years. He graduated at Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, Serbia and written/directed short fiction and documentary films; arguably experimental in nature, with common metafictional and genre-deconstructive elements.

farid photo

Farid Salamé

More information soon


Sina Salimi

We are living in "strange" times. We will all grow into wrinkled grumpy grandpas and grandmas someday, and there will be grandchildren waiting to hear stories about our time. There's enough unbelievable things happening in the world for us to never stop talking when the time comes, but I hope that day, I can hand my grandchildren a couple of DVDs (or whatever weird platform they will be watching films on in the future) and say: "Alright, grandpa's tired, he's gonna go to sleep and slowly die. Just watch some funny stuff grandpa has made, back when people and things were amazing."


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