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Feature Film Cinematography

The goal of the curricular unit is to understand and participate in the process cinematographers have to take when preparing to shoot a feature film. From reading the script to previsualization, location scouting, shooting tests and deciding the schedule. 

Also to understand different genres and approaches to visual storytelling. What can the cinematographer bring to the project according to the source material and the directors vision. The curricular unit is organized like a feature and consists of both theoretical and practical work. 

Complementarily, the subject will aquire knowledge about the Pre-Production Package that’s part of the 2nd year graduation project.


Feature Film Editing

The overall aim is to produce practitioners to work in the industry, who are not only highly skilled but individual, creative, critically aware, innovative and professional in their approach to the collaborative process of film and program making. Through extensive analysis of different films, the student will understand the grammar of cinema at its depth. Using the raw material of a professionally produced feature film, the students edit their own version of a feature film, in order to learn the dynamics and gain experience of a feature structure.

Feature Film Sound

The main focuse of the course is a soundscape of a feature film, starting from analysis of the script until the final 5.1 mix. Storytelling by sound and how to interpret a script and narrative in sound are our main topics during whole semester. An important role is also on technical skills starting from dialogue, sfx and foley editing until a fine tuning of the print master. Music as a storyteller and musical content in audiovisual production has also a remarkable part in this course. Weekly home assignements or/and class exercises with personal feedback or analyses in group are the basic routine of this course. Lectures or workshops by industry proffessionals like Paul Davies or Larry Sider are nice variaty to this routine. There's also semester film projects which provide a good opportunity for cooperation and teamwork with students from other BFM departments. Our goal is to create an enviroment which would be as similar as possible to the real feature film sound project. Lectures and presentations about how to plan a session, how to work efficiently and save your time, budgeting etc. are only few topics among others we gonna discuss about during this course.


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