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  • Seminar work
  • Interim draft essay
  • Final essay


In this module you will undertake a programme of critical film research at the same time as developing your own final trimester film project. This is intended to enable yo ur research to inform and deepen your creative practice as you start to plan this project.

Module content

Lectures, seminars and discussions of key topics in the critical study of the cinema

Learning Outcomes

  • Critically reflect on appropriate research methods for a research topic;
  • Plan a viable research programme;
  • Critically analyse film texts in the context of your own creative practice;
  • Appraise the impact of your findings on your own developing creative practice;
  • Defend the conclusions of your analysis with peers and potential collaborators;
  • Produce clearly defined, rigorous, and detailed arguments in written and presentational form.


  • Class presentations
  • Interim Essay
  • Final Essay


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