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Research Report

KEM I thesis
Adelaida Pardo "Creating Night with light: The aesthetical problem of night scenes exposed"
Ai-Lun Huang "An Analysis of Sex Scenes in Shame, Gone Girl and The Diary of a Teenage Girl"
Ahmed Abdelrazek "TIME - A mysterious process in the cinematic incidence"
Bojana Babic "Searching for Liberated Sexuality - The “Girl” in Dušan Makavejev’s W.R. Mysteries of the Organism and Maja Miloš’ Clip"
Clare Fogerty "Production Practices Exercised in the Making of Wild Game: A Technical Report"
Dagmara Kucinska "Cinematic aesthetics and narrative elements in videogames. How video games use film language to enhance their cinematic experience."
Dean Radovanovic "A quest for PATAPHORS"
Eduardo Cardoso "Scriptwriting from historical documents - Research methods in the making of 40 - Clash of Futures"
Francesco Crivaro "How to write a film with a movie camera. The camera calligraphy in Roof Knocking."
Farid Salamé "Genre Conventions vs Register - Techincal Report"
Ilija Cvetkovski Features of sound dramaturgy in horror movies
Indrek Soe "Blurring the line between sound design and music"
Ingemar Martinez "How Alice´s Adventures in Wonderland influenced IMPROMPTU. The storytelling of Impromptu, from the rabbit hole."
Jeronimo Sarmiento "Cinematic polyphony in Lucrecia Martel’s Cinema. The musicality of narrative film in ‘The Headless Woman’"
Krish Makhija "FEELING IN COLOUR: Creating the ‘Spin-Off’ Universe and understanding how green has evolved as a dramatic tool in narrative story telling."
Lucas Abrahão THE AFFECTS OF GUILT. Emotion and Ideology in José Padilha’s Tropa de Elite
Madlen Sieghartsleitner "Aspects of Elliptical Editing"
Richard Tettey “Between Reality and Fiction: a sound production approach on the film “Spin-Off".”
Saeid Behbahaninia "Tripping on The Holy Mountain: How The Holy Mountain Resembles Psychedelic Experience"
Sergio Cavazos "The uncertainty war: Applying entrepreneurial practices to micro-budgeting for short films: “Roof Knocking” technical report."
Sergio Malpica "The creation of multiple planes of reality. Magical realism Devices in Julio Medem’s Caótica Ana"
Sina Salimi "Last Stop: Self-Orientalism. Jafar Panahi’s Taxi Tehran And Its Representation of Iran"
Tiago Carvalheiro "Stranger, Therefore Tallinn.Technical Report on HEL-TLL-HEL"
Veli Rajassar "High concept vs. Low-budget - making an ambitious film with less than ambitious funding"
Yasir Kareem "Voice-Over as a Narrative Style in Terrence Malick’s Knight of Cups"
KEM II Thesis
Ana Victoria Falcon Araujo "Digital marketing strategies for next-generation film distribution"
Andrijana Krcmar "Creation and Destruction of Perception: Radical discontinuity montage as a tool for creating perceptual distortions between representations of fantasy and realism"
Cheng-Han Lin "LEARNING TO LET GO: Creating the visual world of ‘Mylissa’"
Doris Tääker "Directing one-shot films: the constant challenge of the lack of editing"
Gwenn Joyaux "The Hero’s journey for female characters women in Lucía Puenzo’s cinema"
Haendel Gabriel Guerrero Solis "How mixing supports emotional states n Coen brothers’ films"
Israel Bañuelos Loreto "Rhizomatic Sound Design"
Lkhagvadulam Purev-Ochir "Albert Serra’s the Death of Louis XIV (2016) According to Deleuze’s: Concept of affection-image"
Marie-Luise Scharf "WORLDBUILDING - Creating a Believable Story World for the Female-Only Community of Andros"
Merja Riitta Maijanen "Alfred Hitchcock's Use of visual symbols in vertigo"
Nenad Stefanoski "Unnatural Naturalness: A sound design semiotic approach into the inner feelings of the characters in a film"
Shruti Sidhan "The role of locations in a film: From narrative to production value” Technical report on the film “TOMORROW ISLAND"
Tom Butcher Cury "Screenwriters Are Writers: The Study of Poetics as an Enabler of Creativity"
Tshering Lham Thaye "THE BHUTANESE PICTURE: Analysing and developing a strategic picture of the Bhutanese Film Industry"
Vishal Vittal "The role of visual softness and sharpness in the design of a cinematic narrative"
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